Creo: A powerful combination of CAD and advanced surfacing

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Creo: A powerful combination of CAD and advanced surfacing

Company: Seymourpowell

Products: Visualisation, 3D rendering

Industry: consumer products

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About Seymourpowell

Seymourpowell is a global strategic design and innovation consultancy with a 35 year history of delivering world first innovations.

The company has a unique holistic approach to design and innovation, which combines in depth experience and up to date intelligence about people, markets and businesses


Seymourpowell is a global strategic design and innovation company based in London. They have been using Creo for over 20 years, since the Pro engineer days, and are still happy with its advanced capabilities.

They have found that their design process can be managed using Creo as their sole system, rather than having to work between multiple systems. The combination of being able to use Creo to manage large assemblies in a parametric modelling system as well as to perform high end surfacing in one tool is what really stands out for Jeremy White, Transport Director at Seymourpowell.

Seymourpowell use both Creo and KeyShot through INNEO Solutions and enjoy the simple integration between these two solutions. KeyShot allows them to achieve good results quickly through an easy to use piece of powerful software, while with Creo, they make use of the ISDX (Interactive Surface Design) extension which enables them to style and create freeform shapes and is their go-to surfacing tool.

Other in-built features, that keep them faithfully using Creo, include the flexible modelling functionality as well as the manikin/human factors feature which they find very powerful.

There are a number of overall benefits for Seymourpowell that enable them to refine their product design process from one toolset; ranging from managing their larger assemblies to surfacing as well as human interaction with the models,all the way through to integration with other software to continue the design process in Keyshot.

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