Creo View

Make sharing your design data simple



Giving everyone access to up-to-date product information within a web-centric and scalable environment. No need for you to have specialised CAD skills or pay for a Creo software license.


You can collaborate on your digital product information through real time annotations – giving you faster and higher quality design reviews.


Supporting drawings, models and documents from a multitude of sources and supporting use of model based definition – giving you better products at lower cost.

Highly scalable CAD visualisation

Creo View is a powerful and highly scalable viewer for visualising 3D and 2D models from all major CAD applications, as well as drawings and documents from a variety of sources. Everyone can be involved in the development process and quickly retrieve complex product information, reducing the need for later changes and making better decisions faster. Creo View allows any user to view, label and interact with digital product data in any form.

Creo View MCAD data sheet

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You can choose a viewing package to suit you

Creo view is available in different versions and provides functions such as cross-checks between MCAD and ECAD.

Which Creo Viewer is right for you?

  • Creo View Express is FREE and allows you to view PDFs and Creo files.
  • Creo View Lite – you can share and visualise 3D CAD information, including models and assemblies, in and outside the organisation – no matter what the authoring CAD system - integrated with Windchill solutions.
  • Creo View MCAD – a standalone tool to share and visualise 3D CAD information, including models and assemblies, in and outside the organisation – no matter what the authoring CAD system.
  • Creo View ECAD – share and visualise PCB data from all major EDA tools, as well as drawings and documents.

Creo View Detailed Feature Comparison (PDF)

  Creo View Express Creo View Lite Creo View MCAD Creo View ECAD
Interoperability with PTC Products Windchill Windchill Windchill
Create, save, and delete Mark Ups Yes Yes Yes
Native import of STL, VRML, DGN, GBF, IGES, JT Yes Yes
Save as PVS, PVZ, VRML, DXF, IGES, STEP, and JT. Yes Yes

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