Windchill PDM Essentials

Simple but powerful PDM



Low entry cost for the existing needs of a smaller team and company, but also provides the foundation for any potential future requirements, as you can upgrade to full PDM Windchill PDMLink. Manage Autodesk and Solidworks CAD as well as Creo.
Growth potential – no database upgrade or technical conversion steps means you can quickly take advantage of capabilities such as closed-loop change management, ECAD data management and multi-site database replication.
Better control

Better control

You can securely manage all CAD documents so only authorised users, both within and outside of the company, can access and/or update a particular design.
Ensure that all changes are properly approved and documented and allow only approved changes to be visible to downstream roles, such as in purchasing and manufacturing.
Automatically updates relationships between Creo, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD data objects when changes occur.


Granular access control and regular security updates available. Compliance with OWASP guidelines. And a modern Cloud architecture can support all deployments and reduce costs.
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All in one package

All in one package

Enabling your engineers to easily manage and search for CAD files and related data, reducing the time spent on non-design related tasks and recreating data. Making collaborating on projects effortless and reducing the risk of costly errors.
Improved engineering productivity

Improved engineering productivity

Web-based architecture accelerates collaboration and distributed product development, so you can quickly find and reuse existing designs and IP and perform all data management activities directly within PTC Creo.

Comprehensive data management capabilities

  • Centralised vaulting and revision control of Creo, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, Creo Elements/Direct, and PTC Mathcad models and structures
  • Manage all Creo data files and associations, including family tables, assembly-part relationships, and external simplified representations
  • Powerful searching tools, product configuration reports, and easy copying/renaming of existing designs to facilitate design reuse
  • Produce both baseline and ‘as-stored’ configurations
  • Produce comprehensive, accurate BOMs and relationship reports
  • “Lock” standard parts and assemblies to prevent unwanted changes

Integrated with MCAD user environment

All data management commands are accessible from within the Creo embedded browser and you can check-in/check-out models directly from within Solidworks. AutoCAD or Autodesk Inventor.


  • Access ‘lightweight’ graphical images of stored Creo data
  • Markup, measure, and section 3D images
  • Automatically publish viewables and other formats such as thumbnails for quick viewing, PDF/DXF for drawings and IGES/STL for molds/rapid prototyping

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