Startup TOOLS

The industry standard for product development

Startup TOOLS

The industry standard for product development

For years, Startup TOOLS has guaranteed efficient utilisation of PTCs product development environment. The success of Startup TOOLS throughout the world is based on the combination of add-on-functionality for the users, configuration and administration assistance and a comfortable graphical user interface. With Startup TOOLS, you can not only design faster and more efficiently but also consistently throughout your company.

Easier and more efficient design

Easier and more efficient design

Various functional enhancements facilitate or automate routine tasks such as the creation of parts lists or drawings, model changes and much more. Our innovative ring menu helps you to shorten the mouse paths considerably and always has the most important commands at hand, depending on the context.
Standardised working environment and methods

Standardised working environment and methods

Unified work environments and libraries across the whole company help ensure compliance with corporate standards. Form-driven models and configurable library elements facilitate reuse of design elements.
Simplified deployment and administration

Simplified deployment and administration

The centralised maintenance and configuration of the working environment makes it easier for you to implement and update your product development environment. License management, component libraries and many other functions can also be administered from a central point and are therefore uniform company-wide.
Seamless international cooperation

Seamless international cooperation

For the cross-location use of product development data, important properties and parameters must be defined completely and correctly. Number generators, mandatory fields and much more help to maintain these parameters and ensure that international teams can work together without difficulties.

Work better with Creo

Startup TOOLS Brochure

Startup TOOLS has been synonymous with more efficient and smooth working with PTC Creo for years. Startup TOOLS consist of products of the successful GENIUS TOOLS product family, combined with a preconfigured working environment, numerous standard parts and configurable library elements. The individual components optimise different aspects of your product development environment:
CAD administrators use Startup TOOLS to manage working environments including licenses and standardised library elements and maintain their correct configuration. Users are relieved of routine tasks and can easily place many design elements instead of having to design them from scratch.
This is one of the reasons why companies rely on Startup TOOLS to make their work easier and more efficient. Get to know the components:

Get started right away

Preconfigured working environment

Startup TOOLS contains all configurations, tools and objects (startup parts, UDFs, symbols, drawing frames, reports, ...) necessary for the efficient use of your PTC development environment. This allows your users to immediately work productively instead of spending a long time configuring the working environment and designing or creating libraries.

All elements are tuned to each other and can be used as a basis for your own working environment and standardisation efforts.


Configuration and centralised management of the working environment


manages the configuration of your Creo working environment centrally in a graphical user interface. Depending on job-, site- or department-specific requirements, you can provide customised configurations that take language, plotting environments, installation standards, license and software availability into account.
Configuration changes are performed centrally for all users.

more about GENIUS TOOLS Starter

library management


is a graphical library manager and viewer that allows you to easily retrieve, copy, configure, and paste objects such as parts, assemblies, UDFs, and more from the standard library. Similar to the Google search, GENIUS TOOLS Library supports its users with suggestions to quickly find the objects they are looking for.

more about GENIUS TOOLS Library

Simple maintenance of BOMs


allows you to comfortably edit all administrative information of your models, such as name, drawing number, and much more. The maintenance effort is significantly reduced, while parameter definition files and the integrated translation function ensure that all parameters are correctly and completely maintained, even in international teams.

more about GENIUS TOOLS parameters

Further additional functions

In addition to the core functions library management and parts list maintenance, GENIUS TOOLS Library and Parameter contain additional functions that make working with your product development environment easier and faster.

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Form-driven model variants


Customise properties and dimensions of parts and assemblies quickly and easily with custom form templates. Relevant dimensions, parameters, KEs, components, variant table values or mapkeys are displayed clearly and can be quickly modified.

Multi-dimension changes


Edit multiple dimension values or symbols simultaneously instead of selecting and editing them individually in the drawing.

More useful tools


The retrieval/creation of drawings of the same name, a number generator, the transfer of drawing parts lists or drawing tables to MS-EXCEL and other functions accelerate many routine tasks.

Multi-dimensional Changes


Edit several dimension values ​​or symbols at the same time instead of selecting and editing them individually in the drawing.

Mapkey Management

GENIUS TOOLS Quickaccess

The powerful and easy ring menu for Creo can be configured in a graphical interface and provides context-sensitive commands and mapkeys. Minimise mouse paths and inputs, accelerate design workflows, and deploy mapkeys throughout the enterprise.



Systematically identify important features in drawings for quality management and output them automatically in reports.

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