Conveniently purge unnecessary versions of your Creo parts, drawings and assemblies.

Free up disk space

Free up disk space

Purge your directories from old PTC file versions not needed anymore
Clear and transparent file folders

Clear and transparent file folders

Delete temporary files by extension

INNEO’ new Freeware – Keep only the project data that really matters.

“Delete candidates” in GENIUS TOOLS Purge
“Delete candidates” in GENIUS TOOLS Purge

Get rid of “dead weight” in your Creo project repository. Free up disk space in your file storage and keep track of your Creo projects more easily!

With each storage process, Creo generates a new version of parts, assemblies and drawings. With INNEO’s GENIUS TOOLS Purge you can automate the deletion of old versions easily and according to your requirements. For example, you can define the data types, directories – including or not including sub-directories – or how many versions should be preserved. GENIUS TOOLS will handle it.

Take advantage of the freeware GENIUS TOOLS Purge to easily and efficiently purge old versions in Creo.

Get GENIUS TOOLS Purge for free NOW!

New in GENIUS TOOLS Purge 2.0

  • New features
    • configurable auto update – view information on newer versions and download automatically
    • specify the number of versions or days to keep
  • Improvements
    • increased analysis performance for significantly faster evaluation of larger directory structures
    • save “Include subfolders” setting
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Features overview

Groups in GENIUS TOOLS Purge
Groups in GENIUS TOOLS Purge
  • Purge Creo-specific file versions
    • 12 default types + custom file extensions
    • up to current version
    • set specific version (e.g. 1)
    • delete version number
    • keep multiple versions (count/days)
  • Delete files by extension
  • 9 default types + custom file extensions
  • Preview on data to be deleted
    • Windows file explorer integration
    • Can be applied recursively across folders

System and Software Requirements:

GENIUS TOOLS Purge can be used with Windows 7, 8 or 10. Purging applies to file-based Creo environments such as local installations or network drives. Purging files stored in Windchill is not supported.

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