Reduce manual, time-consuming inputs to a minimum by standardising and automating assignment and management of parameter information.

Classifiable master data definitions

Classifiable master data definitions

Process-safe handling of CAD parameters conforming to company standards

Always correct model parameter set

Always correct model parameter set

Automatic creation and designation of parameters conforming to latest company standards
Correct values any time

Correct values any time

Time-efficient management , definition and assignment of parameter values in Creo Parametric from lists, tables and databases
Position numbers for Windchill

Position numbers for Windchill

BOM views and position number assignment in Creo Assembly mode

Process-safe handling of CAD parameters

ERP information in GENIUS TOOLS Prameter
ERP information in GENIUS TOOLS Prameter

Precise and standardised parameter information is a prerequisite for consistent, hassle-free processes in product development. Automatic creation of engineering BOMs, preliminary costs or integration with commercial systems such as warehousing and order management require complete and up-to-date parameter information.

GENIUS TOOLS Parameter reduces these manual, time-consuming inputs to a minimum by standardising and automating assignment and management of parameter information – especially important with database or ERP connection.

Available in various Creo modes

Specification of parameter properties
Specification of parameter properties

GENIUS TOOLS Parameter extends Creo Parametric with an easy to use interface enabling your designers to edit the administrative data (parameters) of parts, assemblies and drawings automatedly and quickly.

Required inputs can be standardised – and therefore minimised – individually to company specifications using proposal tables, translation tables, database access, mandatory fields, rules, dependencies and many more. At the same time, this ensures company CAD standards in an automated manner and smooth downstream processes.

  • In assembly mode, you can edit attributes of arbitrary sub-models.
  • In drawing mode, you can switch between drawing parameters and model parameters.
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Features overview

Available in assembly, part and drawing mode:

  • Classifiable master data definition for drawing header an BOMs
    • Auto-selection mechanism for configurable parameter definitions
    • freely configurable groups
  • Easy editing of parameters
    • Free input, lists and tables (files and databases)
    • Auto proposal function, format checking, multi-stage input dependencies
    • Adoption of parameters from other Creo models



  • Easy creation of parameters
    • All types with default properties
    • Specification of effective range (parts, assemblies, drawings)
  • Individual Creo model tree configuration
  • BOM creation in assembly mode
    • Position number assignment
    • Different display modes: single-level BOM, quantity BOM, multi-level BOM
    • Various parameter types: asseblies and parts; assembly components; report, position number

Included components

  • Parameter management
  • BOM creation in assembly mode
  • Edit assembly component parameters
  • Multi-dimensional change
  • 3D note form
  • Transfer drawing table to EXCEL


  • Create fitting tables in drawings
  • Material selection
  • Name generator
  • Retrieve/create drawing
  • GENIUS TOOLS Quick Access

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