GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor

Make sure your CAD files comply with latest CAD company standards! Uniform model quality of inventory and new CAD data is the key to increased design productivity.

Edit model properties

Edit model properties

Update inventory data to comply with latest company standards and use custom features for Creo Parametric
Analyse models

Analyse models

Identify shortcomings with detailed reports
Edit any amount of data

Edit any amount of data

Process thousands of files in a single step.
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Common uses cases

  • Adapting 3rd party or supplier data to company standards
  • Preparing model data for PDM/PLM implementation
  • Adapting catalogue parts to company standards
  • Consolidating CAD data (e.g. company acquisition)
  • Trigger: automated processing of action lists when loading and saving Creo models

For CAD Users

  • Working off Creo data interactively during the CAD session (e.g. adapting external data to company standards, rework data from a PDM system…)
  • Adapting catalogue parts to company standards
  • Custom Creo Functionality (QR code, colour assignment, …)

For CAD/PDM executives, administrators

Full data pool processing and examination:

  • Examination, reworking and clearing-up
  • Consolidating Creo data pools
  • Modification of CAD standards
  • Modification of the parameter concept
  • Modification of the layer concept

Edit any amount of data

GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor Batch mode configuration
GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor Batch mode configuration

GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor supports you consistently in standardising your inventory Creo Parametric data. Be it clearing up existing CAD data sets, consolidating CAD data (company acquisition) or preparation for CAD data management: With Model Processor you can automate timeconsuming and error-prone manual tasks.

GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor capabilities

GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor User
GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor User

More than 180 actions enable you to edit the different properties of your Creo parts, assemblies and drawings:

  • combined states
  • simplified representations
  • change drawing title box, “clean-up” drawings
  • feature colours depending on dimensions and tolerances
  • creating a QR codes (symbol in drawings, pattern in 3D)
  • using mapkeys with OS variables and model parameters
  • layers, layer states
  • parameters, relations, cross sections
  • material, units, accuracy, tolerances
  • family tables (verify, resolve…)
  • views, export, image creation


GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor data sheet

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Possible editing modes

GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor actions on current model
GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor actions on current model
  • apply to current model
  • revise all models in memory or workspace
  • edit a database from a PDM system (read a generated file name list) or from hard drive
  • generate new models by applying the appropriate actions
  • single step mode
  • material browser
    • convert *.mat to *.mtl
    • material overview (table)
    • add material parameter
    • simple editing via tables

Product Versions Matrix

Full details data sheet

Model Processor Guest mode
Model Processor User
Model Processor Report
Model Processor Rework
Model Processor Worker Extension
Creation and modification of action lists
Execution of pre-defined action lists
Edit current Creo model
Edit models in session/
Batch processing for creating
Batch processing with editing
Creo models
Licensing free registration, no license
floating license, bound to Creo session concurrent (floating) concurrent (floating) designated Computer

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