Onshape is an all-in-one platform for product development

Simple | Fast | Web based | Cost efficient | CAD in the Cloud

Onshape is an all-in-one platform for product development

Simple | Fast | Web based | Cost efficient | CAD in the Cloud

Onshape is the industry’s first pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product development platform that unites robust CAD with powerful data management, collaboration tools and real-time analytics!

Why Onshape?

Version control

Version control

Onshape includes integrated versioning which means that every change is documented making it possible to switch to earlier versions at any time. You can also combine versions, create unlimited versions and apply changes to versions in a targeted manner. Welcome to a world of creative design freedom!
Single source of truth

Single source of truth

Every component in Onshape has a single, valid source of information about the most current version of the file and its history. This means that data changes can be traced indefinitely, and shared content automatically shows the current status.


With the use of innovative cloud technology, Onshape makes it possible to work together with other users on the same component. Changes are reflected in real time and shared components can be processed simultaneously. Integrated workflows regulate the releases. Easily share components with customers or suppliers and withdraw access just as quickly.
Low cost and effort

Low cost and effort

Since infrastructure, operation and maintenance are outsourced to external partners with a high level of expertise, Onshape only incurs annual license costs. Gone are the days of in-house IT support and hardware and support costs. As a result, Onshape is much cheaper than conventional CAD systems when considering the total cost of ownership.


Data Management with Onshape

Data management

Onshape offers you features of a PDM system including integrated version control and release management. This means that all your design changes are made and recorded in real time and you can always be sure that you are working on the latest version. Multiple design ideas can be explored in parallel, work can be assigned to various team members and data can be accessed quickly and easily.


Onshape Components


Onshape enables the design of complex solid and surface models, which can be created by both top-down and bottom-up construction. Using the Part Studio, components can easily be created together, inter-dependencies mapped, and design intent captured. There is also the ability to reuse and modify any legacy CAD data as well as a feature to automate complex or repetitive tasks.




Onshape collaboration


Designs can be edited simultaneously by several users. All changes are updated live and instantly visible to all editors. Data can be easily shared within a team, the company or with suppliers. Access permissions can be assigned individually and revoked when necessary. A simple, interactive user interface makes it easy to understand and collaborate for all users.


Onshape assemblies


Create highly structured and detailed assemblies using standard parts or linked components from other documents. Complex kinematic relationships can be mapped including their position within the assembly. All parts are created in the context of the higher-level assembly. The unique database architecture eliminates issues of incorrect references of deleted or moved files.




Onshape workflow


Onshape includes automated workflows which allows for the release and revision of components, assemblies, drawings and imported files. Customisable workflows can be adapted to your business. Users are able to work on a component even while they are waiting for requested changes to be completed. Trigger notifications can be set up to easily stay informed about any relevant changes.


Onshape drawings


Onshape includes numerous drawing features to enable you to create detailed drawings of parts and assemblies. These include dimensions, date values, surface processing, welding symbols, geometric tolerances, notes, tables, balloons, callouts, drawing sheets and completely customisable drawing properties. The drawing formats DWG, DWT and DXF are supported for import and export.



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You will learn how a SaaS platform can have a direct impact on your company:

  • Scalability - Bring new employees, contractors and partners up to date with your product development tools and projects in minutes.
  • Data Security - Better protect your valuable intellectual property (IP) by tightly controlling who has access to your product designs and for how long.
  • Profitability - Significant reduction in IT costs such as high-end workstations, dedicated servers, network infrastructure, storage, backups and software maintenance.
  • Reliability - Eliminate delays and downtime caused by software installations, crashes, file corruption and data loss. Software updates are automatically applied in the cloud without the need for IT services.

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