Creo Parametric Extensions

Customise Creo Parametric for your special requirements and optimise your design processes!

Unlimited scalability

With a full set of tailored Extensions Creo is the most comprehensive and customisable 3D modeling application to meet the needs of a variety of applications and industries – from advanced design to manufacturing, virtual prototyping and many more.

3D CAD extensions – advanced design tools

Creo offers a wide variety of advanced functionality to meet the various demands of engineers in all kinds of industries. From structural framework design to ergonomics, Creo extensions enable you to have a fully integrated powerful 3D design tools.

Creo Flexible Modeling Extension – Exploring design concepts and making late design stage changes

What is Creo Flexible Modeling Extension?

Creo FMX offers utmost design flexibility. Now even the most radical late stage design changes can be accomodated. Creo FMX is first choice if you want to edit 3D CAD data with ease or want to update an outdated design intent in a parametric model. You no longer need to rebuild a model that can’t be updated without breaking the original constraints. With Creo FMX you can easily select and edit a range of geometry and features including rounds and patterns. The design intelligence is fully retained.

Fast, flexible 3D direct editing

Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) is an industry-defining add-on product to Creo Parametric for design engineers who need all the power of a parametric 3D CAD solution along with the utmost flexibility to make direct changes to any model. Creo FMX provides an easy-to-use, fast and powerful set of geometry editing tools enabling designers to make the changes they want – without losing any design intent.

For instance, you can easily select and flexibly edit a range of geometry and features including rounds and patterns – without loosing design intelligence. The extension enables you to combine parametric and direct modelling within a single software solution giving you the utmost flexibility!

Creo Flexible Modeling Extension data sheet


Key benefits

  • Intuitive, direct interaction with geometry helps you get up to speed quickly and easily edit 3D designs from any 3D CAD model
  • Original design intent is preserved and your edits are captured as features that can be further modified in the future
  • Easily accommodate late-stage changes to your engineering design faster and with less frustration with this flexible modeling approach
  • Work more efficiently in a multi-CAD environment by easily incorporating and editing data from other CAD systems. You can also add parametric design intent to imported data
  • Faster, more flexible 3D editing increases the efficiency and productivity of detailed design and downstream product development process
Creo Advanced Assembly Extension – Making designing and managing complex designs much easier

Take the Complexity out of Designing, Managing, and Sharing Large Assemblies

Creo AAC assembly process
Create and document the assembly process, including an associative BOM, for each assembly step.

Creo AAX is a tool giving you effective control and communication of assembly configuration rules, top-down assembly design and the assembly processing scheme helping users simplify complex designs and allows for the development of advanced content with better control, design intent propagation, and system integration.

With its advanced tools for top-down assembly design, Creo AAX streamlines the flow of information from design to manufacturing, helping you reach the optimal design, including customized designs, in far less time.

Creo Advanced Assembly Extension data sheet

Key benefits

  • Faster design: Streamlining the flow of information from design to manufacturing, helping you reach the optimal design in far less time. And you can design to order - quickly customising product designs to meet a customer’s specific needs, which can give you a powerful competitive advantage.
  • Collaborative: Create and share automatically updated design requirements between team members in the design environment. Concurrently develop products by efficiently collaborating design intent with multiple designers.
  • Automated: You can automate designs based on custom criteria with minimal effort. Make changes with confidence, knowing that all modifications are automatically propagated from the design to the manufacturing information. So all the downstream deliverables, like production drawings and manufacturing information, update automatically, making customization simple, fast, and refreshingly error free.


Top-down design

Plan the framework of an assembly using skeleton models and data-sharing features to enable true top-down design. Using the same familiar interface as you use to create and modify parts and assemblies in Creo Parametric, you can set up skeleton models, simplify parts (because while you may want to work in the context of the larger model, you may not want to download the whole thing), share data and simultaneously share key geometry features among multiple design teams.

Control design interfaces

Publish and control design interfaces between sub-assemblies and components.

Create envelope parts

Text Create simplified envelope parts to substitute for detailed design assemblies and to improve assembly performance.

Creo Piping and Cabling Extension – Automatic routing of cables and pipes

Fast and Reliable Development of Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Routings

Creo Pipng and Cabling Extension: Automated cabling design
Automated cabling design capabilities make it easy to move components and connectors without manually rerouting wires and cables.

Creo Piping and Cabling Extension enables designers to fully automate the routing process. Designers no longer have to build physical prototypes and struggle through the trial-and-error process; they can determine – virtually – the optimal paths of the pipes in the model. In addition, designers can create rules that are based on company best practices or corporate policies. By establishing rules, the software can then verify that this optimal path is compliant with established manufacturing rules. In working directly with a Creo Parametric model, the advantage of full associativity takes full effect. All changes to the model are automatically updated in the routing.

Creo Piping and Cabling Extension data sheet


Key benefits:

  • Captures schematic information, manufacturing documentation and references to schematic diagrammes 
  • Reduce errors and time-consuming tasks by using 3D technology instead of manuall routing through physical prototypes by trial-and-error
  • Quickly determine the optimum path by automatic routing
  • Ensure design rules and schematic logic rules are enforced through pecification-driven design 
  • Easily move or replace components and connectors without having to route anew
  • Full associativity with model data to automatically adapt routing to design changes


  • Accurate and efficient routing of pipelines and fittings while complying with design rules based on 2D schematic diagrammes 
  • Comprehensive suite of tools for fitting insertion 
  • Predefined rules and violation detection
  • Complete control over flow directions 
  • Verification of piping routes: missing fittings and other missteps 
  • Extract information from design: e.g. bill of materials, bend machine and fittings reports, isometric drawings, installation and piping spool drawing, schematic diagrames 
  • Automatic Creation of fully defined 3D harnesses including connectors and components
  • Automated flattening of 3D harnesses for manufacturing
Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX) – Explore and evaluate multiple design alternatives

Explore and evaluate multiple alternative designs withour risking your original designs

Creo Design Exploration Extension: Checkpoints timeline
Creo Design Exploration Extension allows users to switch back and forth between stored checkpoints enabling exploration and evaluation of different design ideas.

With Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX) you can quickly and effectively evaluate design alternatives in a safe environment to determine the most effective modelling approach. When a development path is determined to be not the most effective one, “checkpoints” allow you to revert back to an earlier concept at any time – without loss and the need to recreate the model.

Accelerate concept design from weeks to days while testing even more design alternatives!

Creo Design Exploration Extension data sheet


Key benefits

  • Explore design changes safely without risking original designs or committing to any change
  • Simultaneously develop different ideas and evaluate all options before making decisions
  • Eliminate manual data duplication and tedious session clean-up for loading and reloading different versions
  • Browse exploration checkpoints in a “decision tree” for interactive design review
  • Effortlessly switch back and forth between design ideas


  • Snapshot entire design session: Create instant backups of all models about to be explored allowing the user to return to the starting point
  • Capture incremental changes
  • Instantly toggle between checkpoints
  • Split designs into different directions:
    • Switch back and forth between stored checkpoints or create new ones without losing any information
    • Use unlimited number of design “splits” in checkpoints to explore and evaluation different design ideas
  • Store exploration content in a single encrypted and compressed file for documentation purposes and future use
Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension – Design and freeform surfacing for challenging products

Free-form surfaces and engineering in a single environment

Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX) combines unique free-form surfacing tools within the parametric modelling environment of Creo Parametric. Designers and engineers can create conceptual designs and free-form surfaces while having the ability to model the specific engineered components essential in every successful product.

Interactive and intuitive design of aesthetic free-form surfaces

Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX) delivers the ultimate integration of 3D design and engineering. By combining the power of parametric modelling with the flexibility of free-form surfacing, you can now create complex, free-form curves and surfaces directly within a consistent, intuitive and interactive design environment. This unique environment allows designers and engineers to not only utilise the power of free-form surfacing, but also to leverage rich functionality, such as behavioural modelling, drafting, simulation and creating NC programmes, making Creo Parametric the ultimate solution for product design.

Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension data sheet


Key Benefits

  • Build free-form geometry at any point in the design 
  • One environment for surface design and engineering – no data translation required
  • Combined free-form and technical surfacing in one environment means no data transfer between design and engineering
  • Design precise curves and surfaces to achieve highly-engineered, manufacturable products
  • Confidently explore design variants by making fully associative changes at any time
  • Intuitive user interface provides optimum feedback and allows rapid and extreme product designs
  • Create products that look better, sell better, and get to market faster


  • Interactive surface creation and editing 
  • Parametric surface modelling 
  • 3D curve creation and editing 
  • Surface connections 
  • Modelling environment 
  • Scan tools 
  • Reverse engineering

3D CAM extensions – integrated manufacturing, NC and tooling

Creo manufacturing extensions are fully integrated with Creo Parametric and provide unmatched data associativity from CAD to CAM to NC without the need for 3rd party tools and ensure faster time to market with reduced errors.

Creo CAM and NC extensions for manufacturing
Turning in Creo Production Machining
Turning in Creo Production Machining

Generating the ideal tool path for highest product quality and fastest machining is the primary demand on a CAM system. Some tools emphasise ease-of-use, others promote cost advantages. Creo NC extensions provide you with everything you need to achieve the highest quality, highest precision machining in the fastest possible time and are the world standard solution for directly machining product parts on production lines – price competitive, feature-rich, and, unlike other CAM tools, seamlessly integrated into the development environment.

Quickly transition from design to manufacturing with Creo CAM and NC extensions. A single system ensures you always have data continuity, so when the model changes, the toolpaths change.

Creo NC and Tool Design Solutions data sheet


Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling Extension

The virtual milling ‘specialist’ for prismatic production machining:

  • Multi-surface 3-axis milling, with support for high-speed machining
  • 4-axis and 5-axis positioning
  • NC-program creation, process documentation, post-processing,and toolpath verification/simulation
  • Improves product quality and manufacturing consistency by generating toolpaths directly on solid models
  • Part of an integral CAD/CAM solution–no data translation required
  • Reduces time-to-market via associative toolpath updates to design changes

Creo production machining extension

Robust NC programming capabilities spanning the functions of milling, turning, and wire EDM:

  • All capabilities of Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling Extension PLUS
  • Support of CNC mills, 2-axis and 4-axis CNC lathes, and 2-axis and 4-axis CNC wire EDM machines
  • Low-level NC sequence editing, allowing precise toolpath control and optimisation
  • Detailed step-by-step production planning instructions for improved manufacturing efficiency and lower development costs
  • Optimised NC programming for families of designs to accelerate time-to-volume production

Creo Complete Machining Extension

All-in-one solution to create all types of programmes for CNC machines used in production environments. This solution enables direct machining of simple or complex product geometries with NC toolpaths optimised for manufacturing lines. It includes the capabilities of Creo Production Machining Extension, extended to multi-axis machining, full NC programming capabilities and tool libraries.

  • 2.5- to 5-axis milling, multi-axis turning and multi-task machining (including live tooling); 4-axis wire EDM
  • Simplifies storage and reuse of best practices by using proven manufacturing templates
  • Improves product quality and manufacturing consistency by generating toolpaths directly on 3D designs
  • Reduces time-to-market via associative tool-path updates to design changes
  • Part of an integral CAD/CAM solution–no data translation required
  • Improves manufacturing set-up and quality control processes with in-process probing support
  • Provides robust data management of manufacturing models and deliverables with Windchill PDMLink and Windchill MPMLink (optionally available)
Creo CAM extensions for tooling and mould making

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your mold design and tooling

mould manufacturing

Mold design has a critical impact on the cost-effectiveness and quality of molded parts and thus of your product. The list of ways in which a mold can fail to accomplish its purposes is long and vivid. Creo extensions for tooling and mould design provide you with a full set of capabilities to achieve the highest quality and precision in the fastest possible time.

Creo NC and Tool Design Solutions data sheet


Creo Tool Design Extension

Create the most complex single-cavity and multi-cavity molds and casts with ease. Evaluate mold draft, undercut and thickness problems, and then automatically create parting surface and splitting geometry in a process-driven environment that’s simple–even for the occasional user–who needs to create complex tooling quickly.

  • Define even the most complex geometry for creating single- and multiple-cavity molds and casts
  • Evaluate mold draft, undercut and thickness problems and examine forming and secondary forming dies
  • Eliminate data translation errors using an integral CAD/CAM solution from conceptual design to manufacturing
  • Reduce the need for redesigns through automatic updating of tooling models, drawings and electrodes
  • Eliminate costly rework via interference checking and mold opening simulation

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension supports the efficient design of injection mold tools and as an ideal addition to Creo Tool Design Extension. While Tools Design concentrates on the design of core and cavity, Expert Moldbase allows extremely efficient design of the entire moldbase, including typical functional units like ejector pins, screw connections, cooling etc. Thus design time for mold tools can be reduced dramatically.

The 2D process-driven GUI offers a catalog of standard and custom components, and updates your model automatically during the development of the moldbase, by providing a catalog of standard and customized components. Your resulting 3D models are then used for interference checking during mold opening, as well as automatic generation of deliverables such as detail drawings and BOMs.

  • Speeds the design process through a simple, process-driven workflow that automates moldbase design and detailing
  • Provides an ever growing set of libraries for moldbase/component suppliers (includes screws, ejector pins, sliders, cooling fittings, etc.). Easily add custom data for unique items.
  • Automatic ejector pin, waterline, and fittings functions; automated runners and waterline checks
  • Prevents costly rework and reduces cycle time by eliminating mistakes via a 3D environment
  • Reduces the need for redesigns by automatically updating tooling models, drawings and electrodes

Creo Complete Mold Design Extension

Creo Complete Mold Design Extension provides a complete solution for all operations in mould design. The package includes the capabilities of Creo Expert Moldbase and Creo Tool Design.

Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension – Design and 3D printing within a single design environment

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your mold design and tooling

Creo Additive Manufacturing Lattice structure
Creating lattice structures in Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension

What you see is what you print. Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension closes the gap between 3D CAD and 3D printing.

Additive manufacturing is changing product design, but it is done using a disconnected multi-step process. Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension eliminates this solves this problem by enabling you to design, optimize, validate, and print all within a single piece of software.

Design, optimise, validate, and print your additive models – all in Creo:

  • Create parametrically controlled lattice structures.
  • Directly connect to 3D Systems and Stratasys printers.
  • Track, validate, and manage print jobs.
  • Eliminate mistakes due to human error.
  • Direct connection to service bureaus.
  • Improved rapid prototyping.

Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension data sheet

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3D IoT and connectivity extensions

In the age of IoT, you can utilise product usage data from a test-bed or the field – creating smarter designs with Creo. Collaborating with others has never been easier, with Creo’s integrated augmented reality (AR) capabilities and the ability to share files from multiple CAD systems.

Creo Product Insight Extension – Replace assumptions with real world data

Take advantage of the IoT and replace design assumptions with facts!

Creo Product Insight Extension data analysis
Analysing product data with the Creo Product Insight Extension.

With Creo Product Insight Extension you can design digital sensors as an integral part of your CAD model and connect them via PTC’s ThingWorx to data from physical sensors. Now you’ve got access to real-world usage and performance data right in your CAD model. How is your product performing? With Creo Product Insight, you’ll know.

Key benefits

  • Validate design requirements by replacing assumptions with real world data
  • Decrease reliance on physical prototyping
  • Ensure new product designs provide the necessary data streams
  • More efficiently analyse and apply multiple streams of performance data from instrumented prototypes, test equipment, and products deployed in the field
  • Identify business opportunities for new products, features, or service extensions
  • Improve the quality of current and next-generation products by identifying and correcting design flaws


  • Design digital sensors in the CAD model and connect them to data streams from physical products
  • Optimise sensor placement and usage to capture critical data
  • Integration with ThingWorx, the world’s leading industrial IoT platform
  • Create virtual sensors that produce new data calculated using real-world product inputs

Creo Product Insight Extension data sheet

Creo Collaboration Extensions – Collaborate across CAD platforms

Creo Collaboration Extensions provide organisations with the tools to collaborate more effectively when working with data from multiple CAD systems, enabling design teams to improve product quality, desirability, and on-time delivery – available for CATIA V5, NX, SolidWorks.

Key benefits

  • Enable higher levels of concurrent engineering
    • Easily incorporate non-Creo data throughout the design process
    • Effortlessly manage changes to non-Creo data
    • Protect design intent established between Creo and non-Creo data
    • Reduce the number and impact of late stage design changes
  • Promote data re-use and sharing
  • Support on-time product delivery
    • Ensure consistency and integrity is maintained through the design process
  • Reduce the need to create and manage neutral formats
    • Exchange information in the most common 3D CAD formats
    • Quickly and easily exchange Creo models with partners using CATIA, Siemens NX, or SolidWorks
    • No requirement for extra CAD software or customised integrations
  • Enable seamless updates
    • Quickly and easily incorporate new revisions of non-Creo parts and assemblies into your designs
    • Maintain design intent across models regardless of where they come from


The Creo Collaboration Extensions enable you to create and maintain seamless relationships between models from different CAD platforms. Changes to non-PTC Creo data can be understood and handled as easily as updates to Creo data:

  • Supports bidirectional exchange of both parts and assemblies
  • Associative updates allow concurrent design and production work to proceed with confidence
  • Native data import and export without requiring a CATIA V5, Siemens NX, or SolidWorks license

Creo Collaboration Extensions data sheet

3D CAE extensions – The right tools for the right analysis

Enable faster, better design decisions with Creo’s analysis capabilities. Simulation early and often in the design process reduces costly physical prototyping, and increases product durability, reliability, and safety. Creo CAE extensions seamlessly integrate CAD and CAE with the right analysis and simulation tools for your needs.

Creo Simulation Live – Better and faster designs – with real-time feedback

Perform structural, modal and thermal analyses directly within Creo Parametric

With Creo Simulation Live engineers can analyse their designs in real-time directly within the Creo Parametric using ANSYS’ Discovery Live technology. Structural, modal and thermal live analyses are supported.

Creo users can see the results instantly in the common Creo modeling environment with real-time feedback on changes and make the right design decisions as they design.

TechClarity Checklist: 6 Issues to avoid in a Simulation Tool

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time analysis with instant feedback
  • Interavtive analysis updates
  • Proven ANSYS technology for reliable results
  • Easy to use: no need for geometry preparation or meshing
  • Discover and solve design issues early in the design process and eliminate costly rework
  • Reduced wait times associated with traditional simulation tools
  • Develop better product faster


System requirements

  • Dedicated NVIDIA CUDA-enabled graphics card with at least 4 GB video RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Creo Simulation Live is available for Creo version or newer

Data sheet: Creo Simulation Live

Creo Simulation & Advanced Simulation Extension – Investigate structural and thermal product performance

The sooner, the better: quick and easy FEA analysis

The Creo Simulation Extensions give designers the power to understand structural and thermal product performance ‘on the desktop’, before resorting to costly, timeconsuming physical prototyping. By gaining early insight into product behavior, you can vastly improve product quality while saving time, effort and money as design engineers can better understand product performance, and accommodate the digital design accordingly.

Simulation capabilities in Creo brochure

Key benefits

  • Gain early insight into product performance and discover design flaws early, as you increase first-time build success
  • Detect design flaws in time
  • Improve user efficiency with an intuitive, familiar user interface
  • Obtain realistic performance data, and improve product quality, by directly applying real-world conditions to design geometry
  • Evaluate more scenarios than with physical prototypes
  • Save time and reduce errors by working in a seamlessly integrated design and simulation environment–with no data translation


Creo Simulation Extension:

  • Finite Element Analysis for Parts & Assemblies
  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Finite Element Modeling Idealisations
  • Automatic Meshing
  • Results Display & Reporting
  • Modal & Buckling Analysis
  • Steady State Thermal Analysis
  • Design Optimization

Creo Simulation Extension is also available as a standalone application (Creo Simulate)


Creo Advanced Simulation Extension

Includes all the functionality of Creo Simulation Extension, plus:

  • Contact Analysis
  • Advanced Finite Element Idealizations
  • Nonlinear Materials & Large Deformation
  • Dynamic and Pre-stress Analysis
  • Transient and Nonlinear Thermal Analysis
Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension – Simulate kinematics and dynamic forces
Creo Mechanism Dynamics torque and force definition
Force and torque definition in Creo Mechanism Dynamics

With Creo Mechanism Dynamics you can virtually simulate real-world forces and analyse how the product will react to them, without building costly prototypes. To increase product quality it is vital to understand the dynamic properties of an assembly and to identify problems with interferences.

Creo Mechanism Dynamics data sheet


Key benefits

  • Simulate real-world behaviour of moving parts and assemblies 
  • Share results via intuitive graphs 
  • Increase flexibility by exploring complex msituations with advanced motion analysis 
  • Eliminate time, effort, and money spent on data translation and associated errors by using fully integrated design and analysis tools 
  • Reduce development costs by creating virtual prototypes for desktop testing 
  • Incorporate changes into the products faster and earlier, and get immediate results from desktop testing 
  • Deliver higher quality products to market first, by reducing development time 
  • Reduce warranty costs by generating a better estimate of your product’s life 
  • Eliminate costly manufacturing errors with specific, animated production instructions for assembly
  • Create more innovative products by using the time-savings gained from virtual testing to evaluate more design ideas 
  • Easy-to-learn, intuitive user interface


  • Incorporate springs, dampers, motors, friction, gravity, and custom dynamic loads to evaluate product performance and for scaling 
  • Use design studies to optimise the mechanism’s performance over a range of input variables 
  • Create accurate motion envelopes for use in interference and space claim studies 
  • Obtain accurate measurements from a dynamic analysis to designing stronger, lighter, more efficient mechanisms 
  • Create high quality animations directly from dynamic simulations 
  • Import behaviour information from applications such as PTC Mathcad or Microsoft Excel 
  • Easily share results via intuitive graphs 
  • Integration and associativity with other Creo Parametric products
Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension – Automatically determine the best design variant
Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension iteration goals
Engineering goals for design iteration in Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension

Wouldn’t it be great if your CAD software automatically determined the best design for you? Think of the time and effort you’d save. That’s exactly what Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension does for you – with design studies, smart models that “know” their purpose and act accordingly as well as an open environment to integrate external calculation programmes.

You simply define your engineering goals and define where your design is flexible. Creo BMX automatically analyses countless iterations before arriving at the best solution.

Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension data sheet


Key benefits

  • Improve innovation by exploring numerous scenarios that meet your design criteria
  • Clearly understand the impact of design changes, and prohibit inconsistent behavior 
  • Reduce product costs by optimising your design to meet multiple objectives, such as maintaining a product’s strength while reducing its weight 
  • Save time by automatically iterating your design to meet your design requirements
  • Reduce errors by using the results from external tools to drive your design directly, without manually transferring data


  • Embed design requirements within models 
  • Object-driven design studies 
  • Smart models – adapt to design changes while preserving the design intent
  • Open extensible environment to integrate external calculation programmes 
  • Easy access to development information 
  • Track model performance with analysis features

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