PTC Mathcad

An easy to use, intelligent Engineering Maths Notebook



Ensure correct and accurate results by explicitly specifying units for all calculations and conversion of technical units.
Write and integrate your own functions to adapt your environment to your technical requirements.
Easy to use

Easy to use

PTC Mathcad Prime has the easy to use interface and familiarity of Engineering Notebook. You can present your calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single document. Solve, analyse and share your calculations, using standard mathematical notation – making them easy to read and understand.


Live mathematical notation, units intelligence and powerful compute capabilities enable the capture and communication of critical design and development information... No more hunting through spreadsheets, code and notebooks to find what you need.

PTC Mathcad Prime Key Features

Intuitive Calculations and Units Management

You can:

  • combine live, standard mathematical notation with text and graphs
  • see both the calculation as well as the reasoning behind designs with numeric and symbolic maths
  • manage units intelligently and automatically

PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 data sheet


You can embed material from third party apps in your Mathcad worksheet, as well as copy and paste multiple regions of a worksheet into MS Word - giving you greater productivity and better organization.

What's New: PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0

  • Protecting content secures and locks areas so that access and visibility to the calculations can be controlled for third parties
  • Third-party interoperability allows users to embed content from other applications into worksheets and to move different areas from a "copy-and-paste" worksheet to Microsoft Word
  • The Equation Breaks function provides more control over the appearance and readability of calculations
  • Performance enhancements allow you to create large, complex worksheets, simplify the handling of these documents, and support Windows 10

PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 overview (PDF)


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PTC Mathcad Capabilities

(*Available First 30-Days in Express)

  PTC Mathcad Express Individual Licenses Multiple Licenses
Download Free Version Get a quote Get a quote
New in Prime 4.0
Content Protection*
Object Linking & Embedding*
Equation Wrapping*
Write equations using natural maths notation
Basic Maths
Automatic update of calculations
Algebra and trigonometry operators and functions
Comprehensive documentation
Standardize engineering processes using templates*
X-Y plots
Advanced plot types: Polar, Contour, 3D*
Advanced Maths
Solve systems of linear, non-linear and differential equations*
Evaluate expressions symbolically*
Embed Excel directly in your worksheet*
Advanced Engineering Mathematics: e.g. Design of Experiments, Differential Equations, Solving Regression*
Advanced Numeric Functions: e.g. Fourier Transforms, Signal Processing, Statistics & Data Analysis*
License Options
Centralized IT management and administration
eLearning Libraries 1 3

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