Creo Simulation Live

Better and faster designs – with real-time feedback



Each time you make a change, it’s analysed in seconds. You will instantly see the impact of your design decisions. So you can work in real-time and get to your best designs, much faster!
Easy to use

Easy to use

Design guidance becomes a normal part of your workflow. No need to simplify geometry, create a mesh or move between windows. This is a tool that’s been developed to make the design engineer’s job easier.
Fully integrated

Fully integrated

This fast, easy to use tool is fully integrated into the 3D CAD modeling environment. Now you can iterate more quickly, generate more options and design with greater confidence.

Perform structural, modal and thermal analyses directly within Creo Parametric

Creo Simulation Live

With Creo Simulation Live engineers can analyse their designs in real-time directly within the Creo Parametric using ANSYS’ Discovery Live technology. Structural, modal and thermal live analyses are supported.

Creo users can see the results instantly in the common Creo modeling environment with real-time feedback on changes and make the right design decisions as they design.

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Features and Benefits

  • Real-time analysis with instant feedback
  • Interavtive analysis updates
  • Proven ANSYS technology for reliable results
  • Easy to use: no need for geometry preparation or meshing
  • Discover and solve design issues early in the design process and eliminate costly rework
  • Reduced wait times associated with traditional simulation tools
  • Develop better product faster

System requirements

  • Dedicated NVIDIA CUDA-enabled graphics card with at least 4 GB video RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Creo Simulation Live is available for Creo version or newer

Data sheet: Creo Simulation Live

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