Creo Simulate

Easy to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Easy to use

Easy to use

Designed to be a simplified tool for general use without requiring specialised skills. So you can better understand and predict product performance, as well as adjust the digital design as necessary, without the need for a specialist FEA-background.
Improve user efficiency with an intuitive, familiar user interface.
Save time and reduce errors by working in a seamlessly integrated design and simulation environment – without data translation.
Better insight

Better insight

Better understand product performance and optimise your digital design early in the design cycle. Integrates with the Creo range, so you can enjoy the same power, performance and associativity for all your analysis needs.
Obtain realistic performance data and improve product quality by directly applying real-world conditions to design geometry. Evaluate more scenarios than is possible with physical prototypes.


With 3D virtual prototyping, you can evaluate product performance directly on screen and explore new ideas and design variants at the same time as optimising designs. You can be confident that new designs will satisfy performance requirements, need fewer changes during physical prototyping and deliver superior value. Helps eliminate the need for costly prototypes.
Lower entry cost when compared to specialist tools.

Key Features

Steady state structure and thermal analysis

  • Simulate the effects of temperature on a product
  • Analyse conduction and convection heat transfer
  • Finite Element Modeling Idealisations of solids, shells and beams
  • Automatic Meshing directly in 3D CAD geometry
  • Analysis for Parts and Assemblies
  • Calculate stresses, strains and displacements in your product

Design Optimization

  • Clearly understand the impact of design changes
  • Reduce product costs by optimizing your design to meet multiple objectives, such as maintaining a product’s strength while reducing its weight
  • Save time by automatically iterating your design to meet your design requirements
  • Reduce errors by using the results from external tools to drive your design directly, without manually transferring data

Nonlinear Analysis & Large Deformation

  • Easily define elasto-plastic materials and hyper-elastic materials
  • Perform nonlinear static structural analysis
  • Time varying loads
  • Understand residual stresses in the model
  • Large deformation of thin/slender products

Creo Simulate is also availabe as an integraded soluton for Creo Parametric: Creo Simulation Extension

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