Creo Parametric Extensions

Customise Creo Parametric for your special requirements and optimise your design processes!

3D CAE extensions – The right tools for the right analysis

Enable faster, better design decisions with Creo’s analysis capabilities. Simulation early and often in the design process reduces costly physical prototyping, and increases product durability, reliability, and safety. Creo CAE extensions seamlessly integrate CAD and CAE with the right analysis and simulation tools for your needs.

Creo Simulation Live – Better and faster designs – with real-time feedback

Perform structural, modal and thermal analyses directly within Creo Parametric

With Creo Simulation Live engineers can analyse their designs in real-time directly within the Creo Parametric using ANSYS’ Discovery Live technology. Structural, modal and thermal live analyses are supported.

Creo users can see the results instantly in the common Creo modeling environment with real-time feedback on changes and make the right design decisions as they design.

TechClarity Checklist: 6 Issues to avoid in a Simulation Tool

Features and Benefits

  • Real-time analysis with instant feedback
  • Interavtive analysis updates
  • Proven ANSYS technology for reliable results
  • Easy to use: no need for geometry preparation or meshing
  • Discover and solve design issues early in the design process and eliminate costly rework
  • Reduced wait times associated with traditional simulation tools
  • Develop better product faster


System requirements

  • Dedicated NVIDIA CUDA-enabled graphics card with at least 4 GB video RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • Creo Simulation Live is available for Creo version or newer

Data sheet: Creo Simulation Live

Creo Simulation & Advanced Simulation Extension – Investigate structural and thermal product performance

The sooner, the better: quick and easy FEA analysis

The Creo Simulation Extensions give designers the power to understand structural and thermal product performance ‘on the desktop’, before resorting to costly, timeconsuming physical prototyping. By gaining early insight into product behavior, you can vastly improve product quality while saving time, effort and money as design engineers can better understand product performance, and accommodate the digital design accordingly.

Simulation capabilities in Creo brochure

Key benefits

  • Gain early insight into product performance and discover design flaws early, as you increase first-time build success
  • Detect design flaws in time
  • Improve user efficiency with an intuitive, familiar user interface
  • Obtain realistic performance data, and improve product quality, by directly applying real-world conditions to design geometry
  • Evaluate more scenarios than with physical prototypes
  • Save time and reduce errors by working in a seamlessly integrated design and simulation environment–with no data translation


Creo Simulation Extension:

  • Finite Element Analysis for Parts & Assemblies
  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Finite Element Modeling Idealisations
  • Automatic Meshing
  • Results Display & Reporting
  • Modal & Buckling Analysis
  • Steady State Thermal Analysis
  • Design Optimization

Creo Simulation Extension is also available as a standalone application (Creo Simulate)


Creo Advanced Simulation Extension

Includes all the functionality of Creo Simulation Extension, plus:

  • Contact Analysis
  • Advanced Finite Element Idealizations
  • Nonlinear Materials & Large Deformation
  • Dynamic and Pre-stress Analysis
  • Transient and Nonlinear Thermal Analysis
Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension – Simulate kinematics and dynamic forces
Creo Mechanism Dynamics torque and force definition
Force and torque definition in Creo Mechanism Dynamics

With Creo Mechanism Dynamics you can virtually simulate real-world forces and analyse how the product will react to them, without building costly prototypes. To increase product quality it is vital to understand the dynamic properties of an assembly and to identify problems with interferences.

Creo Mechanism Dynamics data sheet


Key benefits

  • Simulate real-world behaviour of moving parts and assemblies 
  • Share results via intuitive graphs 
  • Increase flexibility by exploring complex msituations with advanced motion analysis 
  • Eliminate time, effort, and money spent on data translation and associated errors by using fully integrated design and analysis tools 
  • Reduce development costs by creating virtual prototypes for desktop testing 
  • Incorporate changes into the products faster and earlier, and get immediate results from desktop testing 
  • Deliver higher quality products to market first, by reducing development time 
  • Reduce warranty costs by generating a better estimate of your product’s life 
  • Eliminate costly manufacturing errors with specific, animated production instructions for assembly
  • Create more innovative products by using the time-savings gained from virtual testing to evaluate more design ideas 
  • Easy-to-learn, intuitive user interface


  • Incorporate springs, dampers, motors, friction, gravity, and custom dynamic loads to evaluate product performance and for scaling 
  • Use design studies to optimise the mechanism’s performance over a range of input variables 
  • Create accurate motion envelopes for use in interference and space claim studies 
  • Obtain accurate measurements from a dynamic analysis to designing stronger, lighter, more efficient mechanisms 
  • Create high quality animations directly from dynamic simulations 
  • Import behaviour information from applications such as PTC Mathcad or Microsoft Excel 
  • Easily share results via intuitive graphs 
  • Integration and associativity with other Creo Parametric products
Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension – Automatically determine the best design variant
Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension iteration goals
Engineering goals for design iteration in Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension

Wouldn’t it be great if your CAD software automatically determined the best design for you? Think of the time and effort you’d save. That’s exactly what Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension does for you – with design studies, smart models that “know” their purpose and act accordingly as well as an open environment to integrate external calculation programmes.

You simply define your engineering goals and define where your design is flexible. Creo BMX automatically analyses countless iterations before arriving at the best solution.

Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension data sheet


Key benefits

  • Improve innovation by exploring numerous scenarios that meet your design criteria
  • Clearly understand the impact of design changes, and prohibit inconsistent behavior 
  • Reduce product costs by optimising your design to meet multiple objectives, such as maintaining a product’s strength while reducing its weight 
  • Save time by automatically iterating your design to meet your design requirements
  • Reduce errors by using the results from external tools to drive your design directly, without manually transferring data


  • Embed design requirements within models 
  • Object-driven design studies 
  • Smart models – adapt to design changes while preserving the design intent
  • Open extensible environment to integrate external calculation programmes 
  • Easy access to development information 
  • Track model performance with analysis features

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