INNEO Platform Solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation


INNEO Platform Solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation

INNEO’s Platform Solutions bring the power of the cloud to your applications. Using the “Platform-as-a-Service” approach, we take on the burden of provisioning your systems and applications in the cloud, allowing you to focus on what you do best – developing great products.



Flexibility of an adaptable, scalable and personalised system – giving you: increasing efficiency, reducing entry-level total cost of ownership, and making cash flow friendly yearly and quarterly costs more available.


With increased reliability and reduced downtime, you can stop spending money on maintenance, alignment and resources and losing money whenever the system goes down.


Your data will be safe and secure through Managed Services with INNEO Cloud. Shift the responsibility of managing your PDM/PLM system to us and worry no more about data security.
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You’ll be able to get things done quickly and outperform your competition. Spend your time and efforts on generating the real value from the investment and improving your competitive edge with increased speed to market and reduced costs.
Personal service

Personal service

We’ll advise you on the best software for you, set up your free trial and manage a successsful implementation. Our team in the UK is on hand to call / visit you in person. With the full cloud computing stack, you’ll have one team and one number to call. You no longer need to be burdened with the undifferentiated heavy lifting of maintaining PLM – instead focus on what you do best.
Optimised costs

Optimised costs

“84% of CIOs that have moved to the cloud report that they have cut applications costs and are averaging 21% savings per year to reinvest back into the business.”

[Source: IDG Cloud Computing Survey]

Mobilize your workforce with CAD and PLM in the cloud

What if your key knowledge workers could access their Product Development data and documents wherever they were in the world? What if they could get the full power of a CAD Workstation just through a browser on their home PC or any device? What if suppliers and partners could get instant, secure access with no setup?

INNEO has the knowledge and experience to enable this, making PTC Windchill available through our Platform Solutions “Infrastructure-As-A-Service”. We have successfully implemented new, fully configured PLM environments for customers as well as migrating existing on-premise systems. We can now also offer PTC's Creo CAD toolset through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), hosted independently or alongside your PDM / PLM system.

CAD in the cloud PLM in the cloud


Secure IP Cloud Services

Secure your intellectual property

Everyone has data in the cloud and companies are realising that securing their data and IP isn't about having servers on their premises behind locked doors - it's about a range of technical measures that are best left to the experts.

Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and using their Well-Formed Architecture approach, INNEO provides best-in-class security for your data while it is stored (“at rest”) and in transit (using the latest encryption methods). Uniquely, we also have extensive knowledge of the applications and how best to deploy the security features of Windchill based on your specific business or industry requirements.

By moving CAD to the cloud, IP protection can be further enhanced by completely preventing any data download to users' client workstations.

Save time and money

When considering a CAD / PLM deployment, or even a simple update of your existing on-premise systems, you may need to consider the cost and time implications of:

  • Selecting the right hardware based on software compatibility
  • Your internal investment application process
  • Procuring the hardware (including peripherals)
  • Installing all necessary software applications
  • Integration into your network
  • Setting up all the user permissions
  • Configuring and testing your backup solutions
  • Monitoring and installing software / security patches

With INNEO Platform Solutions, you can hand all this over to us and concentrate on what you do best - developing better products.

CAD in the cloud PLM in the cloud


Ascend Diagnostics Ltd

" As a medical device start-up company we were looking for a PLM system that would carry us forward through product design, production and in-service monitoring for many years. After reviewing a number of PLM systems we selected PTC Windchill software through INNEO. INNEO provided a solution with a very clear roadmap based on our needs combined with the unmatched scalability available within PTC’s Windchill Software. Implementation has not been easy, but we have been supported along the way by professional project management. Windchill has been supported using INNEO’s Cloud and this has certainly played a large part in helping us gain our ISO13485 approval. Resulting from the successful implementation of Windchill, we have returned to purchase the PTC Arbortext suite of software and are awaiting deployment of Integrity and Jira via INNEO’s Managed Services. "

Mike Vernon, Quality Assurance Manager, Ascend Diagnostics Ltd

Platform Solutions Webinar

• Windchill PLM in the Cloud
• FlexLM Licence Server hosting
• Creo VDI - your CAD in the Cloud
• KeyShot VDI - on-demand high-performance rendering

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