Onshape Virtual Conference

Onshape's first virtual conference - Onshape Live 21 - will take place on 11th March 2021. This is an excellent way to hear from founder Jon Hirschtick where he plans to take the innovative product this year. The focus will be on networking with the Onshape community and you are welcome to join, whether you are a customer, employee, educator or just interested in hearing a bit more - you can meet everyone at Onshape Live! Take advantage of this opportunity to exchange ideas with Onshape users, learn tips, tricks and best practices, receive new insights and hints directly from the development team.

Who should register for the conference?

The Onshape conference is aimed at long-standing customers and advocates of cloud-native products as well as the curious who are looking for improvements to their workflows.

Do you belong to one of the following groups? Then a warm welcome!

  • Onshape customers
    Companies of all sizes can find out how they can become even more efficient with Onshape and discover previously unused functions in the Standard, Professional and Enterprise packages.
  • Those interested in Onshape
    Executives and engineers can find out more about the possibilities of Onshape and take part in the live discussions.
  • Teachers / Students
    Just recently the free education package hit the 1 million user mark. In a dedicated session, PTC's global director of Education will talk about the benefits of Onshape in the education environment.
  • Media
    The use of Cloud / SaaS products such as Zoom, MS Teams was significantly accelerated by the pandemic - what is next?

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Get inside knowledge about Onshape

Onshapes customer "DarkAero" will moderate the agenda item "Tips and Tricks". The company specialises in products made of composite materials and flying objects made of carbon in the aviation industry.

The conference will be opened by PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann, who will share his view on product development in the new normal. Afterwards, founder and CEO of Onshape, Jon Hirschtick will give his view on the development of Onshape in 2021.

After this opening there will be two parallel series of lectures. Visitors can jump back and forth during the event and pick out the most interesting presentations. At the end, all participants will come together again and will have the opportunity to ask questions to the Onshape development team, which will also give a preview of the upcoming features and functions.

Agenda of the Onshape live 21: Virtual User Conference

Lecture series A

  • Tips and tricks (part 1): Modeling and drawing in Onshape - Use this presentation to make your work in Onshape even more efficient and faster with the best tips and tricks. Some of the tips are new, unique, or hidden gems, but all of them are extremely useful.
  • The Engineer's Toolbox - In this lecture you can experience live how the experts at Onshape exhaust their tools for collaboration. With the experience of thousands of projects in the background, they will present you the best working methods that customers, suppliers and engineers use to harmonize the processes in cooperation.
  • Train the engineers of tomorrow with Onshape - Find out in this lecture how schools, colleges and universities can benefit from the advantages of Onshape. With Onshape, CAD laboratories become superfluous and remote learning becomes intuitive. Student projects can also be done from anywhere: study anytime - anywhere - on any device.
  • Welcome to the Onshape Enterprise Package - Find out in this lecture how companies have improved their processes in product development with the Onshape Enterprise Package and have introduced the Onshape platform company-wide in global locations.

Lecture series B

  • Tips and tricks (Part 2): Carrying out projects in Onshape - Find out in this lecture how users from industry organize their projects in Onshape. From in-house, small projects to large projects with several suppliers and customers: With the right tips and tricks, you can master every project!
  • A look under the hood : How the Onshape cloud architecture works - what does the cloud look like from the inside? In this talk, learn how Onshape's architecture is built to enable real-time collaboration, integrated data management and automated updates.
  • Best Practice: Moving from SolidWorks to Onshape - One of the biggest concerns for SolidWorks users is the migration of inventory data to Onshape. This lecture will show which data should be migrated, how the migration can be carried out most efficiently and what should be done with the rest of the existing data.
  • How to take advantage of Onshape across the company - Learn more about the differences between traditional CAD / PLM / ERP integrations and how SaaS solutions can be integrated into the rest of your company in this talk. The lecture will clear up the common mistakes of SaaS integrations and give a deep insight into how Onshape removes the integration hurdle.
  • FEM, rendering, CAM, ECAD and more: How to spice up the functions of Onshape with the App Store applications - starting with the sketches, to ECAD, analysis, rendering, technical documentation and more: Onshape's development partners provide great additional functions directly in the Onshape platform.

Closing lecture

  • Preview of future features in Onshape - An open question and answer session with the heads of Onshape's development department. Be the first to hear about new features that are about to be released. This is a very exclusive opportunity to get an insight into the developments and a must for those interested in Onshape. Of course, the new functions will be shown live in the form of demos.

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The Onshape Live Event will take place on March 11, 2021 from 7pm to 11pm.

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