KeyShot 9 now available

After months of anticipation, KeyShot 9 launched with a bang on the 5th of November 2019. With ground-breaking features including GPU mode, Denoise, RealCloth, Web Configurator, Fuzz, 3D Model Library, Contour Texture and more, it is no wonder there was so much excitement leading up to its release.

Highlights of KeyShot 9 include:

  • GPU mode: harness the full GPU accelerated ray tracing power of NVIDIA RTX with OptiX
  • Denoise: Eliminate noise and create amazing renders at the click of a button with AI-based noise reduction.
  • RealCloth: Create visualisations of realistic woven materials with this powerful technology
  • Web Configurator: Generate interactive browser-based product configurators
  • 3D Model Library: Exclusively curated 3D models to complement the products in your scene
  • Fuzz material: Add any amount of fuzz you need on the surface of any material and bring even more realism to your products
  • Contour texture: Giving you the ability to add an edge to any material
  • Animation Curve Control: Customise motion and animation, ease it in, spin it out...
  • Generic Material: Adjust properties for sheen, clearcoat, metallic, anisotropic and more


KeyShot 9 lives up to the hype and will allow you to realise your visualisations faster. It is so simple and accessible and will give you the creative freedom to bring your designs to life.

KeyShot has everything you need to quickly create accurate and stunning visuals, from physical materials and predefined environments to animations and VR experiences. The unique real time workflow lets you see your renderings and animations take shape instantly.

INNEO Solutions is the largest Luxion partner with more than 2600 KeyShot customers. With experienced trainers and application engineers, INNEO offers training and consulting on KeyShot as well as the appropriate hardware solutions. An extensive network in almost every industry makes INNEO a valued partner for VR, AR, CGI and 3D rendering.

Learn more about KeyShot 9 at


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