Upgrade to KeyShot 9 and get KeyShot 10 Free

We’re all very excited about the much-anticipated release of KeyShot 10. Luxion have confirmed that they are very close to the finish line.

In preparation, we have a free upgrade promotion for KeyShot customers who are not yet on KeyShot 9. Now is the time to upgrade to KeyShot 9 and you will receive a free upgrade to KeyShot 10 when it is released.

This promotion is valid for all new KeyShot 9 purchases and upgrades (from KeyShot 7 and KeyShot 8) to KeyShot 9.


Upgrade to KeyShot 9 Now!


What do we know about KeyShot 10 so far?

Here are some of the fabulous features to look forward to with the upcoming release of KeyShot 10.

  • KeyFrame Animation – This feature allows you to control geometry movement with sequences of keyframes for better control and more complex visuals
  • Sun & Sky Day Arc Animation - Allows the creation of a sun and sky environment animation where the daytime environment is animated.
  • Environment Rotation Animation -This animation allows customers to animate the rotation environment parameter.
  • Smart Export (KeyShot Pro) - Smart Export is a collection of export functions that makes use of additional sub-features, such as UV Unwrapping and Baking to prepare an asset in KeyShot for use in AR, Mobile and 3D Print workflows. Specifically, the Smart Export in KeyShot 10 supports, USD, USDz, GLB, glTF and 3MF.
  • Light Gizmos - New light gizmos allow for better visualisation in the Real-time View and Geometry View for Spotlights, IES Lights and Point Lights, which can now also be added through the edit menu.
  • Rendering Improvements - KeyShot 10 offers updates to several rendering related features. These include updates to Denoiser, Caustics, and the addition of Automatic Firefly Removal (Image Styles).

IMPORTANT - if you're still on KeyShot 7: With KeyShot 10 coming out soon, this means that you will no longer be able to upgrade from KeyShot 7. If you are still on KeyShot 7 then now is the last chance to upgrade. After the release of KeyShot 10, KeyShot 7 versions and prior will be required to purchase a new license.

Promotion exclusions: excludes KeyShot Education products, KeyShot add-ons, and KeyShot for CAD licenses provided by external CAD vendors (KeyShot for ZBrush, KeyShot for Solid Edge, etc).


Upgrade to KeyShot 9 Now!


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