Get Web3D and AR onto your website quickly and easily

These days, products can easily be displayed in 3D or AR through smartphones and browsers. However, the challenges include large file sizes, long loading times, and incompatible data formats. NeoSpace, from INNEO, is the solution to these challenges.

NeoSpace will optimize your 3D files and simplify the process allowing you to embed highly accurate 3D objects on your website and viewed seamlessly as true scale AR or for quick and easy sharing… perfect for working remotely or design reviews.

NeoSpace will take your photorealistic renders from KeyShot and place them in front of your customers in their own space for the most engaging, interactive browsing experience they’ve ever had!

Now is the time to start creating your own 3D content and give your customers a more engaging way to connect with your products either on your website or in their own space virtually as Augmented Reality.

NeoSpace is an innovative new tool that allows you to drastically reduce the file size of your model, add materials to your model, animate it, and export it to Web3D. It is so quick and simple, you can do it yourself!

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