The unbeatable combination - NeoSpace and KeyShot

Give your customers an innovative way to interact with your products using KeyShot and NeoSpace

Web3D and AR Ready - Simple and without prior knowledge

You want to prepare your products easily and quickly for an online presentation? Combine brilliant 3D output with compression and 3D animation now!

Optimise large 3D models into small files with no loss of quality

Integrate 3D models of your products onto the web without loss of quality or long loading times - this is now possible with NeoSpace Essentials: Your 3D CAD data is reduced by up to 99% thanks to clever compression and simplification mechanisms so that it can be optimally displayed on the web. Sounds complicated? We can assure you it's not. NeoSpace delivers 3D data with less MB as well as consistent quality in real-time. And all that with just one click. Presenting your products on the web in a unique way has never been easier!

Note: The sizes are based on the values of the .glb file format. The .usdz file formats may differ.

The unbeatable combination - NeoSpace and KeyShot

KeyShot is the ingeniously simple way to output your data with Smart Export in 3D as GLB in PBR (Physical Based Rendering) quality. The KeyShot materials are "baked" as textures onto the surface of the texture. This allows you to view the 3D models in a quality never seen before, even without a renderer. So KeyShot takes care of the beautiful appearance of your data as usual. NeoSpace reads this data and optimizes it without any loss of quality, for your web and AR application. The optimization is done at the push of a button for Web, Android, and IOS  .

Do you want animation for your 3D file? No problem, NeoSpace can also do that for you.

And best of all - no app needs to be installed.

Look forward to a barrier-free 3D world, from Web 3D in AR with NeoSpace and KeyShot from INNEO.



Present your 3D CAD data online in an innovative way

These days, products can easily be displayed in 3D or AR through smartphones and browsers. However, the challenges include large file sizes, long loading times, and incompatible data formats. NeoSpace, from INNEO, is the solution to these challenges.

NeoSpace is an innovative new tool that allows you to drastically reduce the file size of your model, add materials to your model, animate it, and export it to Web3D. It is so quick and simple, you can do it yourself!

More info on NeoSpace


The fast and ingenious 3D rendering and animation software

KeyShot provides everything you need to quickly create accurate and stunning visualizations - from physically correct materials and predefined environments to creating complex materials and animation. With its unique real-time workflow, you can instantly see how your renderings and animations take shape. With KeyShot, you create the perfect image in record time. Creating product visualizations or images for sales and marketing has never been easier!

KeyShot allows you to output data in PBR quality via Smart export from version 10. The materials are "baked" onto the surface of the 3D file. The quality is incredible! 

More info on KeyShot


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