Creo Illustrate

Communicate through powerful 3D illustrations

Communicate complex product information more effectively

Communicate complex product information more effectively

You can create multimedia technical 3D illustrations directly from Creo CAD data, showing complex products and service procedures via a clear and accurate visual, includig option to record as a movie file.
Increase productivity

Increase productivity

You can automate illustration changes throughout by maintaining an associative link to the original CAD files, so if there is a change in the product design, the illustration will also be updated and your instructions and documentation are always up to date.
Improve service quality

Improve service quality

Fast access to accurate and extensive technical information ensuring clear and precise instructions for the operation and maintenance of your products.
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Reduce translation costs

Reduce translation costs

You can replace text with illustrated step by step procedures, 3D animations, illustrated parts lists and other graphical representation.
Speed up your process

Speed up your process

You can automate your parts list, generated directly from CAD metadata. You can illustrate multiple figures in a single illustration file.

Powerful 3D Illustrations for an Efficient Service and Parts Operation

Leverage data from the current product structure to communicate complex service and parts information with 2D/3D technical illustrations and automate changes.

Illustration Tools

  • Create magnifier “inset” views in a figure to create additional detail views from a different camera viewpoint.
  • Enhance the illumination of illustrations with multiple light sources and adjust light levels for individual figures to add realism.
  • Add measurements to your illustrations to better describe movements or procedures.

2D and 3D Publish and Export Capabilities

  • Add color to vector illustrations and publish vector illustrations from perspective or orthographic views.
  • Publish all steps from a sequence to 2D or 3D formats with a single click and publish to multiple 3D, 2D vector, and 2D raster formats too.

Creo Illustrate data sheet

Sequencer capabilities

  • Illustrate a procedure with sequenced steps and use 3D illustration, textual description and required resources in each step
  • Descriptions and resources are automatically added from tagged symbols and you can drag and drop to re-order steps within the sequence.

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