We are INNEO - together we make digitalisation a success.

Are you facing technological progress and increasingly complex requirements, all while needing to work faster, more economically, and more sustainably?

We consistently ensure the effective integration of individuals, technologies, and processes. As your IT solution provider for digital transformation, we specialise in in-house software development and comprehensive consulting, enabling you to work more rapidly, economically, and sustainably.

That's why INNEO exists.

We looked back and thought about it: When were we most successful? And when did we have the greatest impact on people? We discovered that we have always created an environment in which people could work freely and safely. In this environment, everyone involved was able to develop new ideas, realise their potential and shape the future.

That's what drives us, that's what we want to give you.

How can we achieve this together?

We also reflected on the journey that led us to achieve this ideal. Our values are deeply rooted in our culture, from active listening and targeted question to honest communication, clear statements, and collaborative teamwork that unleashes synergies. We create an inspiring working atmosphere that promotes enjoyment at work, build trust and strong partnerships and focus on continuous development and knowledge sharing.

This is how we think and act at INNEO.

What can we offer you?

We want you to develop the best products digitally, efficiently, and effectively, utilising the most powerful and secure systems. To achieve this goal, we connect people, technologies, and processes.

We operate in various fields, offering expertise in:

  • Product development
  • Simulation
  • IT and cloud services
  • Modern work solutions
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Digital reality

Our comprehensive approach includes consulting, training, and support in all these areas

Together for a better future

At INNEO, we envision a future where technology and humanity go hand in hand. We picture a world in which digital innovations enhance lives while preserving our natural resources—a future where every individual can actively contribute to shaping a sustainable and technologically advanced society.


Sustainability is the core of our vision. We endeavour to protect the environment and use resources efficiently through our work. Technological progress and ecological responsibility should go hand in hand to ensure a future worth living for generations to come. This is what we at INNEO are committed to.


For us, digitalisation is more than just a buzzword, it is a promise for a more efficient, connected and intelligent world. At INNEO, we see digitalisation as the key to optimising work processes, driving innovation and creating new opportunities for companies and people.


The challenges posed by demographic changes prompt us to find innovative solutions. We recognise the opportunity to retain the collective experience of different generations within our company through intelligent processes and systems, such as knowledge management. Our dedication to specialised expertise and efficient service concepts establishes us as leaders, ensuring tasks are completed promptly. This, in turn, allows time for fostering creativity and driving innovation.

40 years of experience: the key to success in digitalisation and transformation

INNEO is the innovative driving force behind our customers' success in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Over 300 employees in 12 offices bring together comprehensive expertise in the areas of product development & manufacturing, digital reality, simulation, IoT, information technology and process optimisation. This makes us the reliable partner for over 6,000 customers from a wide range of industries when it comes to digital transformation. That's IT

3 countries - 12 offices

3 countries - 12 offices

We are close at hand – within all business units our experts are available for you with competent know-how.
More than 360 staff members

More than 360 staff members

Across all our business units our consultants and application engineers have several hundred national and international projects to their credit with an average of over seven years experience. More than 1,500 man-years of know-how.
In the market for more than 40 years

In the market for more than 40 years

Founded in 1984 as ISICAD, INNEO Solutions today is the leading provider of CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM, IT and project management solutions in the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.
More than 6,000 satisfied customers

More than 6,000 satisfied customers

Your satisfaction is very important to us. In our annual customer survey INNEO regularly receive exceptionally positive ratings regarding INNEO's competence and proficiency.
More than 20,000 realised projects

More than 20,000 realised projects

Benefit from our extensive experience - with the implementation and expansion of CAD/CAM or PDM/PLM solutions. Supporting all levels of individual technology-spanning services, including implementation of specific project management, IT or storage solutions. Gain more with INNEO - not just a product it's a solution.
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  • INNEO expands its portfolio with the 3D optimisation tool NeoSpace
  • 10th anniversary of the Luxion partnership (KeyShot)


  • INNEO joins the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)


  • INNEO celebrates its 2000th KeyShot customer
  • Channel partnership with ANSYS


  • Virtual and augmented reality solutions from INNEO


  • INNEO and CADFEM collaborate in the simulation sector
  • INNEO is a member of Innovation Alliance


  • NetApp SSC certified INNEO staff for maintenance and on-site service
  • Development partnership Eplan


  • CrefoZert certification 2013


  • Managed Service


  • Foundation of PLM Elite: New Partner-Network for PDM/PLM-Solutions 


  • Completion and dedication of the new building in Ellwangen


  • 25th company anniversary


  • INNEO Solutions in the United Kingdom


  • Microsoft Gold Partner


  • INNEO Solutions in Switzerland


  • Management-Buy-Out RAND Germany
  • Rebranding as INNEO Solutions GmbH
  • New division Project Management


  • Setup of a professional call centre, today: “INNEO INFOCENTER”


  • Partnership with PTC


  • Foundation of ISICAD

The INNEO® management circle

Together we shape the future of our company. Through collaborative leadership and strategic decision-making, we ensure innovation, growth and a strong corporate culture. Each member makes a crutial contribution to our vision and our joint success.

The INNEO® Solutions management team includes Peter Behnisch, Gerhard Rieger, David Prinz, Niklas Rothmaier, Kai Hachenberg, Marc Becker, Jan König, Ludwig Haas und Helmut Haas.

Digital Transformation with INNEO

Download the INNEO fact sheet to find out everything you need to know about INNEO.

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INNEO is a founding member of the PLM Elite

PLM Elite is an international alliance for innovative product design processes and stands for demanding, holistic PDM/PLM solutions. With 60 subsidiaries in Belgium, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA, PLM Elite is present all over the world. All PLM Elite members are certified Platinum or Gold Partners of PTC.

Visit PLM Elite

Excellent achievements, strong partners

General certificates

Reliable quality management

Our quality management and processes are certified according to ISO 9001.

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Secured creditworthiness

Creditreforms CrefoZert Certification accredits INNEO a good creditworthiness structure

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In addition, all our employees are trained in the fundamentals of project management and go through the certification as a Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM). Beyond that, our project managers and consultants are certified as a Certified Project Manager (IAPM) or Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM).

Saving you Time and Cost

JOSCAR is the accreditation and compliance system for the defence aerospace sectors including prime contractors, civil aviation and security.


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12 training centres in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom ensure that users' education is always up to date. All trainers are educated and certified by our partners PTC and Luxion on a regular basis.



PTC ATP Authorized Training Platinum Partner



INNEO – the Nº 1 PTC training partner worldwide

Download certificate

Certified KeyShot Training Centre


Product development and simulation

PTC Platinum Reseller

PTC & INNEO – a success story right from the start

INNEO is the leading PTC Value Added Platinum Reseller worldwide. The PTC Channel Advantage Program is an international network of certified PTC partners. With successful training and certification PTC supports the partners in their sales and support activities for PTC solutions.

further partners

Platform Solutions
Digital Reality
Other Certifications

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