Your fast route to a virtual product in Web3D - simply and easily present 3D CAD data online in a visually appealing way.


Your fast route to a virtual product in Web3D - simply and easily present 3D CAD data online in a visually appealing way.

From the first idea to production, your 3D CAD data is essential in every phase of the product life cycle. With NeoSpace you can now use your 3D CAD data quickly and easily for marketing, sales, and presentations.



Visualise 3D data quickly and easily. No prior knowledge necessary.


Thanks to the modular structure, you can use the functions you really need.


Reduce the file size of your 3D CAD data significantly - with just a few clicks.

NeoSpace opens up a lucrative side job for your 3D CAD data

Browsers, operating systems and apps have learned to display 3D visualisations which opens up opportunities for product presentation, marketing, and sales. You no longer have to rely on visitors being able to visualise what a two-dimensional image really looks like. Instead they now have the opportunity to view your product interactively from all sides.

The challenge is that it is not always that easy to transfer the data from the CAD system to the web browser. The file size is often the first obstacle. In addition, the presentation often leaves something to be desired. After all, the viewer should see a realistic version of the product complete with shadows, lighting, and material. It should be as interactive and animated as possible.

Complicated 3D visualisation and rendering systems are able to achieve this, however they often require specialised skills and training.

To make these tasks easier for you, our experts have developed NeoSpace. In a clear user interface, you can import your products and put them in the right light without much effort. Thanks to the modular structure, you can use the parts of NeoSpace which you need, for example if you need to reduce the file size then you would use the Optimise module.

  • You already have one of the most important marketing tools for your products: 3D CAD data.

  • Put your 3D CAD data in a scene with background, lighting, etc.

  • Provide objects with materials

  • Optimise the file size

  • Publish your products on the web or mobile

NeoSpace is the end-to-end solution for the presentation of your products and is constantly being developed and supplemented with new modules and functions that work perfectly together.

Modules and functions


Even in the basic installation, NeoSpace offers many opportunities to present your products in an appealing way. Here you can design the scene for your product and publish it:

  • Customize background of scene
  • Set grids
  • Configure lighting
  • Cutting plane
  • Play animations
  • Show hierarchy
  • Disassemble the 3D model
  • Publishing for web and app


NeoSpace Optimise - reduce large amounts of data

File size is a challenge when publishing 3D content. Especially with large assemblies, data volumes can quickly arise that can no longer be transferred quickly enough to enable fluid viewing.

The Optimise module dramatically reduces the file size of your products. Thanks to clever compression and simplification mechanisms, savings of up to 99% are possible.

Additional Modules

NeoSpace is a new product that is growing rapidly. You will soon be able to use additional modules:

  • NeoSpace Material - quickly and easily customise the look and materials of the 3D model
  • NeoSpace Animation - create and edit animations without rigging
  • NeoSpace Manual - easy creation of multimedia instructions
  • NeoSpace Mobile - the viewer app for mobile devices with online and offline view
    and more ...

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