Analyse, Simulate & Calculate

Analyse, Simulate & Calculate (CAE)

Calculate deformations, forces and internal stress within solids to plan new or re-calculate existing mechanical structures. Analyse and optimise tolerances – or perform technical calculations using mathematic notation. With INNEO we deliver proven software tools guaranteed to overcome the challenges you face. 

Solutions for the Creo Suite

  • Creo Parametric: Perform simple structural analyses on parts and assemblies with CAE Lite functions and validate kinematic motion of a design.
  • Creo Simulate: Investigate structural and thermal product performance virtually on your PC.
  • Creo Mechanism Dynamics Extension: Simulate real-world forces virtually and analyse product behaviour without the need for costly prototypes.
  • Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension: Capturing and tracking key performance metrics of a design, evaluating the impact of changes on these metrics and optimising the design to best satisfy goals.
  • SIMSOLID: The new generation of structural analysis enabling engineers to analyse fully featured parts and assemblies in minutes without meshing.
  • 3DCaliper: Ensure design efficiency with automated analysis of 3D CAD geometry due correct wall thickness and minimal distance.
  • CETOL 6 Sigma: Tolerance analysis and optimisation. Hundreds of automotive and consumer companies rely on this Creo integrated solution to optimise their products.
  • Mathcad: Engineering calculations – faster, more efficient and greater accuracy than any pocket calculator. Mathcad enables exact calculation, computation and drawing on the screen in mathematical notation. The ultimate solution for CAD.