Merge the digital and physical world with Augmented Reality (AR)

ThingWorx Studio – Software for quick and easy creation of Augmented Reality applications.

Simple development of augmented reality applications

Augmented reality (AR) is often used in the gaming and consumer goods industry, but is also increasingly used in the automotive industry, in aerospace engineering, mechanical and plant engineering and in retail.

PTC’s augmented reality solution ThingWorx Studio offers a whole world of new possibilities for design, maintenance and control of products. For example, service processes can be optimised and errors avoided by means of mobile devices. For this maintenance staff scans a ThingMark, similar to a QR code on the product or the system using a mobile device. The augmented reality application then displays the replacement procedure of the replacement part.

ThingWorx Studio: cutting edge technology platform for augmented reality

ThingWorx Studio (formerly Vuforia Studio Enterprise) is a powerful software for the simple creation and deployment of augmented reality applications. It requires no programming knowledge. Augmented reality applications can be implemented quickly and easily.

The ThingWorx Mobile Vision platform provides numerous options for creating augmented reality applications. The software uses “mechanical vision” to recognise objects, images, cylinder, texts, boxes and frame markers (ThingMark) similar to QR codes. These objects can then be provided with additional information, such as the display of 3D models, current consumption values or information about service intervals and instructions for installing and removing components.

Components of ThingWorx Studio:

  • THingWorx Studio: Authoring system for creating augmented reality applications without any programming knowledge.
  • ThingWorx Experience Service: Publishes the created augmented reality applications and defines the interfaces to other data and applications.
  • ThngWorx View: App for mobile devices to display the augmented reality application, for example for service and maintenance personnel.

You can find more information about Thingworx Studio in this data sheet.
Note: Vuforia Studio Enterprise is now ThingWorx Studio.

Experience augmented reality (AR) live

If you have an iPhone (from 5s), an iPad (from Air) or an Android device, you can now test the free ThingWorx View App. Other platforms such as Windows 10 and IOS will follow shortly. To start print out the ThingMark for the KTM model, put it on a table or on the floor and scan it with the app. You then have access to the following features of the KTM model:

  • Zoom, rotate and “walk around” the model
  • Current values such as consumption, battery level and water temperature
  • Complete exploded view as well as assembly and disassembly of the front wheel
  • Technical specifications

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