Give malfunctions the cold shoulder!

With an INNEO service contract for all maintenance services regarding soft- and hardware.

INNEO Service Contracts

Problem free and efficient operation are the basic prerequisites for success. You can attain this through a maintenance contract with INNEO.

As PTC’s only Platinum Partner in the UK and holder of the “Top PTC Maintenance Service Provider Worldwide” award since 2005, we are able to provide maintenance excellence for all your hardware and software needs.

90% of our customers already benefit from the many advantages of an INNEO Service Contract. What about you?


Details on the INNEO Service Contracts

  • Utilisation of the manufacturer certified English/German speaking Technical Support via a freephone number throughout Europe (except Liechtenstein)
  • Free download of the latest updates
  • Request additional CDs free of charge
  • 24-7 access to all online service tools such as the INNEO-Helpdesk
  • Critical analysis for all software and hardware products from the INNEO product portfolio
  • Minimise technical support through uniform release versions in your company
  • Unlimited number of support requests
  • License changes, software transfers …

Your benefits

  • One-stop support
  • Strong customer focus and high quality support
    Fast response times and resolution of problems by certified INNEO engineers
  • Increase of productivity up to 40% by implementation of innovative technology etc.
  • Efficient management of software support needs via online tools
  • Plain web based overview of your licenses and technology
  • Qualified service certified by ISO 9001

Our customers about us

The results of last year's customer poll speak out loud and clear. See the average ratings for hotline-related issues expressed in terms of the German school grading system (1 = very good, 2 = good, etc.).



"Hotline – how satisfied are you regarding ..."

  • … friendliness and customer-orientation (Grade: 1.48)
  • … competence and problem solving performance (Grade: 1.71)
  • … accessibility and response time (Grade: 1.67)

Overall average INNEO hotline: 1.63