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Our Customers' Comments and Renderings

Find out why more than 350 of our customers are successfully using KeyShot and why they are so amazed by its capabilities and ease of use.

Download: KeyShot Environments

Here you will find several environments offered in .hdz format for your KeyShot scenes. Check back often because we will continue to provide additional environments to help you get the most out of your software.

*The environment images are offered in .hdz format and are only compatible with KeyShot.

This environment was shot during the early morning in a garage. The backplates provide a work bench useful for rendering tools, or small products.
environment | backplates
Conference Room
Computer Room:
This environment was shot during the early morning in a computer room. The lighting consists of indirect sunlight pouring in from the windows along with warm direct incandescent light from above. This environment and backplate combo is most useful for small products and electronics.
environment | backplates
Conference Room
Luxion Conference Room:
This environment was shot in a conference room in the evening. The lighting consists of a mixture of warm, direct incandescent light from the ceiling and cool natural ambient light light filling the room from outside. This provides complementary contrast and nicely simulates a 3-point lighting scheme.
environment | backplates
Conference Room
Zion Road:
This environment was taken on the side of the road in Zion national park. The sky was clear and the sun hangs low in the sky in the morning hours.
environment | backplates  
Zion Road
Alaskan Forest:
This was taken in an Alaskan forest in the morning hours. The sun is visible through the trees and will provide nicely defined shadows cast by your model.
environment | backplates
Alaskan Forest
Living Room:
This was taken in a living room setting in the afternoon. The brightest light source comes from ambient outdoor light spilling in through the window. This environment provides nice reflections from an interior setting with long shadows.
environment | backplates
Living Room
Old Bridge:
This environment was taken on an old bridge in the afternoon. The steel truss structure provides interesting reflections and the sun will cast nicely defined sharp shadows.
environment | backplates
Old Bridge
Zion Cafe:
This was shot inside of a cafe during the afternoon hours. It is a mixture of direct lighting from inside as well as ambient outdoor light filling in from the windows and door.

Zion Cafe
Contemporary Kitchen:
This environment was shot in a contemporary kitchen. It provides cool ambient lighting from above along with more intense lighting entering the scene from the windows.
Contemporary Kitchen
Munich Hallway:
This environment was shot in a hallway setting. The scene consists of direct sunlight entering in from the windows along with cool ambient light from the interior.
Mammoth Road:
This environment was shot on a sunny day in Mammoth, California. This environment provides cool overall lighting with direct sunlight partially obscurred by clouds.
Parking Garage:
This environment was shot in an empty parking garage. It provides mostly indirect light spilling in from the side with subtle direct flourescent lighting from above.
Parking Garage

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