Why 3D CAD?

Are you developing increasingly complex products in ever-shorter production cycles? Is error tolerance decreasing while cost pressure is increasing?

You are not alone with these challenges, so the more important it is that your internal design processes do not put obstacles in your in the way. We will show you how a consistent CAD system helps you save time, reduce costs and avoid errors – through intuitive operation, integrated functionalities where several systems used to be necessary, new possibilities for teamwork and partnerships, and a data concept that receives all component information from one central source: the 3D-model.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Consistent processes

    designIt starts with the design.

    Do you have a brilliant idea for an appealing product design or elegant lines? In order to ensure that you are not lost in the fervour of the battle, you can quickly and intuitively create sketches and drafts and use them for detailed designs in CAD later.

  • Intuitive and flexible design

    When designing, your CAD system complies with you, not vice versa.

    late changes

    If necessary, integrate parametric and direct modelling, import external data or standard parts and adjust them easily. Flexible modelling approaches allow you to make changes at any time without affecting the rest of the geometry. The realistic 3D representation also helps you to work faster and more intuitively and to avoid mistakes, because good ideas come easier when you see the product in front of you.

  • The prototype becomes digital

    digital prototypePhysical prototypes are no longer necessary to assess the kinematics, strength and assembly capability. Your digital prototype is the central element for connecting data to different departments, for example FEM calculations, CAM preparation or assembly drawings.

    All these tasks can be depicted as a continuous process without media breaks or time-intensive generation of transfer formats in a system. Automated updates ensure that everyone involved is using the right data, saving you time and ensuring that everything will fit and be completed in time.

  • Efficient collaboration

    collaborationPut the skills of the team to better use – for their actual tasks!

    Define interfaces and responsibilities to handle projects in parallel and faster. The seamless integration of data from your suppliers or standard part libraries simplifies your work even more. With easy-to-use viewing apps, customers and colleagues can view the relevant product information and models when needed.

  • Drawings & production

    time-to market: drawings and manufacturingCreating production drawings is time-consuming, error-prone and particularly hindering when the time-to-market is to be shortened.

    Since your 3D model already contains all relevant information, including materials and tolerances, you can create linked drawings or transfer them to production without any detours. Integrated CAM functions, including machine simulation or tool derivation, accelerate the path to a high-quality product and avoid costly service life or machine collisions.

Why 3D CAD

A CAD system can offer you more than a pure a design software. Creo Parametric by PTC allows you to optimise your products as well as your workflows in the design, saving you and your employees time, money and nerves. It helps you to produce new, innovative products. Find out how Creo Parametric will change your work!

What are your challenges?



  • Develop innovative products
  • Avoid errors
  • Reduce time pressure
  • Accelerate routine tasks
  • Master late stage changes

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Design Managers


  • Ensure quality
  • Reduce rework
  • Meet delivery deadlines
  • Shorten development cycles
  • Training for different systems

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Company Directors


  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Strengthen market position
  • Enhance innovative power
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce costs

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