It is time for PDM

Increasing time and cost pressure as well as a growing number of internal and external project staff - these are the main reasons to install a PDM system because no company can afford the difficulties that result from these long term. So it is time for PDM! Especially in view of the current trends of increasing networking and digitization of products and business processes.

Make your company fit for future challenges and thus more economical!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Meet dates and deadlines

    Whether you work in design, manufacturing, documentation or another department:
    Consistent and clearly defined processes help you to get your work done faster and without unnecessary detours. You know who is working on which parts and versions and which parts are released. Tight deadlines become less stressful because this way different departments can work in parallel without incurring errors or carrying work out twice. The various departments have access to the necessary information and data and can immediately start work after release - for example, the manufacturing or creating of manuals.

  • Keeping in order

    How much time do you and your colleagues spend on looking for the right and current information?
    Without a powerful product data management system, things quickly become unclear when several people, departments and external partners work together. Not only finding information may become a problem, but when designing as a team important files can easily be overwritten. In contrast a PDM system provides a clear, documented and therefore transparent versioning and release process. This way service departments and technicians are always clear which version of spare parts and documents are valid for which product. This not only saves time but ultimately affects customer satisfaction.

  • Processes, processes, processes

    Most company processes are clearly defined, with good reason, therefore they should be respected. That way you can be sure that everything goes as planned and each department can fulfil its tasks:

    • Manufacturing only works with approved models and drawings instead of producing rejects.
    • Designers know the contact person with whom they work and know exactly what elements they work on.
    • Service and quality management are being informed of updates and have the latest information.
    • Your sales department can quickly write detailed quotes and use appropriate documentation such as drawings and renderings in support of the sales process.
  • Collaboration or data protection?

    Either ... or? When it comes to cooperation with other offices, suppliers or partners, you should not have to incur the loss of your company's know-how. With a PDM system you can provide different user groups with access to relevant data without risking an uncontrolled outflow of your know-how.

  • The central component for the future

    Product data, metrics, service information and much more - this information comes together in your PDM system and forms the basis for Industry 4.0 and the commercial success of the Internet of Things. The increasing customization of products will have an impact on the complexity of your business processes.

It is clear: product data management impacts your entire company, so for a successful implementation you need it a partner who has the necessary foresight.

Our products and services in the product data management

As an experienced partner with more than 1,000 successfully completed PDM projects, we offer a complete portfolio for product data management. For different requirements we provide you with the appropriate PDM systems as well as add-on solutions that offer useful feature enhancements or optimize the management of your PDM system. With our own products such as GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor that brings your CAD data to a uniform standard, we can ensure that the implementation runs smoothly and you benefit from your investment as soon as possible.

PTC Windchill PDMLink

Product and process control

Windchill PDMLink enables you to manage the complete digital product definition.

GENIUS TOOLS for Windchill

Perfect Processes: Windchill Customising without programming

Set the most commonly needed adjustments directly via the Windchill user interface.

GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor

Bring your CAD data up to date

Maintained, standardised data for smooth processes in product development.

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