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The CAD add-on solution for your PTC product development environment

Startup TOOLS

Industry’s standard for the PTC working environment

Expert View

Startup TOOLS 2016 Splash Sceen
GENIUS TOOLS Quick Access menu for PTC Creo
GENIUS TOOLS Quick Access Editor
Startup TOOLS 2016 – TOOLBOX
Startup TOOLS 2016 – Material selector

Tasks in product development are steadily getting more complex, it is therefore very important that your tools are in the best condition possible. With Startup TOOLS we provide a solution with useful tools for both designers and administrators. At the same time Startup TOOLS improves product quality and security by harmonising the user interfaces across the level of assembled components.

Startup TOOLS provides functionality for:

  • Reducing administrative effort
  • Accelerating and simplifying the design process
  • Standardisation and standard-compliant design

Download and Links

New in Version 2016

  • Updated user interface and improved usability
  • GENIUS TOOLS Quick Access: Including the freely configurable context sensitive ring menu
  • Caching mechanism for accelerated start-up of your working environment and reduced network load
  • GENIUS TOOLS Purge: Purge PTC Creo file versions efficiently
  • GENIUS TOOLS Purge: Create forms to control parts and assemblies
  • GENIUS TOOLS Material: Easily manage materials and filter by properties


Reduce administration effort for your Creo working environment to a minimum with the Startup TOOLS standardisation mechanism. Increase productivity of your CAD users by providing advanced tools.


For administrators:

  • Centrale administration of all PTC Creo Parametric, PTC Creo Direct and PTC Creo Simulate installations & licenses
  • Quickly switch between different working environments (customer / partner environments) and software versions
  • Accelerated implementation of the PTC product family
  • Efficient system optimisation via Debug Mode

For chief designers / managers:

  • A high level of standardisation ensures quicker results at higher security
  • Faster work productivity through accelerated implementation & updates
  • Accelerated and clearly arranged variant design
  • Perfect collaboration across sites with an international parameter and data concept

Für users:

  • Always the right working environment using the configuration solution
  • Start instanly with a pre-configured working environment
  • Faster start-up due to caching for auxiliary application
  • The most important tools always at hand with the context-sensitive and freely configurable ring menu
  • Comprising standard parts library with common features for simple assembly
  • Semi-automation of PTC Creo Parametric
  • Various other features relieve designers from routine jobs and allow you to focus on the real tasks




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