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Revolutionary Interactive 3D Rendering Software with Animation

Expert View

KeyShot 3D Rendering Motor

KeyShot is the fastest and easiest to use 3D rendering software available.

In just a few simple steps you can create amazing looking images from your 3D models that can be used throughout the product development process to make design decisions and quickly create variations of concepts for customer, manufacturing or marketing. Simple to use, you don't need to be an expert with rendering software to quickly achieve amazing results real time.

Download KeyShot for free now!

  • Realistic 3D renderings and animation – extremely fast and simple
  • No previous experience required
  • No special hardware requirements

NEW: DOSCH 3D and HDRI Bundles for KeyShot

Detailed and fully textured high-quality 3D models, complete 3D scenes, textures, HDRIs and backplates for KeyShot.


What’s New in KeyShot 7.0

KeyShot 7 provides users with even more possibilities across all areas: Creation, material, lighting, flexibility and speed. KeyShot 7 builds on the proven key differentiators of the software: Real-time speed and the most easy to use interface with the most accurate materials and advanced lighting capabilities wrapped into an efficient workflow that gives users results faster than any software available.

KeyShot 7 Feature Highlights

  • Customisable UI
  • New material types
  • New texture and label mapping
  • Environment updates
  • Real-time VR rendering
  • KeyShot Configurator
  • … and many other new features and improvements

For a video on the Top 5 Features and detailed information on what’s new in KeyShot 7, please visit or read the “KeyShot 7 – What’s New and Improvements” data sheet.

How it works

3d rendering has never been easier:

  • Step 1: Import your 3D model
    KeyShot supports the most popular formats. Also plugins for many of them can be downloaded for free.
  • Step 2: Paint your model
    Simply copy & paste any of the 700+ scientifically accurate materials from the library.
  • Step 3: Choose your lighting
    Just select an environment image (HDRI) for real-world lighting.
  • Step 4: Adjust your camera
    Angle, distance, focal length etc. Just like using a real camera.
  • Step 5: Adjust your background
    Set colours, pre-loaded photos or your own images as a background
  • Step 6: Enjoy your picture

KeyShot Modules

Even more Performance and Functionality: Network Rendering and Modules

Create animations and interactive 3D renderings for the web or use multiple systems to speed up rendering. For more information about Animation, VR and Network Rendering please refer to KeyShot Modules and Packages.


  • Fracino INNEO Solution:  Rendering-Solutions Industry:  Mechanical Engineering, Special Engineering, Consumer goods
  • Crux Product Design Limited INNEO Solution:  Rendering-Solutions Industry:  Engineering and Drawing Offices
  • Radar GB Ltd INNEO Solution:  Rendering-Solutions Industry:  Others
  • Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH INNEO Solution:  Rendering-Solutions Industry:  Plant Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Special Engineering, Automotive (Railway and Vehicle Construction, Shipbuilding)
  • LA Design INNEO Solution:  Rendering-Solutions Industry:  Engineering and Drawing Offices, Others
  • Seymourpowell Ltd INNEO Solution:  CAD-Solutions, Rendering-Solutions
  • Plaxton – A Division of Alexander Dennis INNEO Solution:  Rendering-Solutions Industry:  Automotive (Railway and Vehicle Construction, Shipbuilding) Manufacturer:  Luxion Produktfamilie:  KeyShot Tasks:  Document and visualise, Develop products
  • bd breyton design GmbH INNEO Solution:  Rendering-Solutions Industry:  Automotive (Railway and Vehicle Construction, Shipbuilding), Engineering and Drawing Offices Manufacturer:  Luxion