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Manage projects inuitively with Microsoft SharePoint

INNEO Prios Foundation

More project. Less management.

Expert View

INNEO Prios Foundation may run on the basis of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Office SharePoint Server 2007. On the basis of Microsoft's technology platform, project management can thus be implemented rapidly with little effort.

  • Completely integrated into the Microsoft Office environment
  • Predefined project planning templates and document libraries
  • Individualised project websites for diverse project types
  • Innovative resource planning
  • User-friendly due to familiar surface design


How Prios Foundation brings your projects up to speed

Collaboration within projects gains more and more importance in our professional life. Due to the continually changing business environment, sharing workloads on a global basis or working in multi-national, inter-disciplinary teams, supported by information and communication technology is part of the daily business for many of us. In this context project management became mandatory, in order to handle the complex issues related to collaboration between departments, business units or companies. With INNEO Prios Foundation, you finally get the right tool, easy to use and fast to implement. So that you have more time for your specific tasks, managing projects and not administering them in whatever kind of system.

Patrick Costello Inceptra

Prios greatly simplified our billing process by providing office staff with the ability to quickly access and project records submitted by field consultants.