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PTC announce PTC Creo 4 – sneak peek available now


During the PTC LiveWorx event in Boston 6th – 9th June 2016, PTC shared a sneak peek of the next major release of their parametric CAD solution, PTC Creo 4.0.

Expected for release in November 2016, PTC announced the functionality that will be included and explained how this latest version will not only enhance productivity and efficiency in CAD design but also continue to excel companies on their journey to smart, connected products.
PTC Creo 4.0 focuses on providing solutions to not only address the business needs but also provide technology required for a modern digital engineering world.

Four main areas of improvement were highlighted by PTC including:

  • Model Based Enterprise
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Design for IOT
  • Design for Additive Mfg

During the LiveWorx presentation by Paul Sagar, PTC Vice President, CAD Product Management, he identified some of the challenges engineering companies face today and explained how the major new enhancements in PTC Creo 4.0 will address these by closing the communication gap between job roles, streamlining processes, simplifying usability with quick access tools and a number of other ground-breaking new features.

  • New Tools Sets – to guide and validate your models – focus on communicating information across the business and bridging the gap between 2D shop floor drawings and 3D views
  • Intelligent Mini Toolbars, Box Selection, Mapkeys and Toolkits commands – significantly improve efficiency with these easy to use toolsets and make changes directly in a model without having to travel to the ribbon
  • Freestyle Enhancements – now allows for sub-divisional data and automatically rebuilds geometry with fully editable mesh thus eliminating the time consuming process of rebuilding models
  • New Rendering App – in partnership with Luxion, the developers of the market leading rendering solution, KeyShot, PTC Creo 4 will now allow users to tap into the Unite Technology and open models from other CAD systems, apply scenes, appearance and see rendered models instantly
  • In addition, Creo 4 users can expect to see a New Advanced Rendering Extension as well as improvements in Mirroring, Simulate, Mold Design and NC Enhancements, plus a new Sigmetrix GD&T Advisor extension

For more information on PTC Creo, please contact INNEO now!