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It’s the way you say it ...


Friendly: It’s the way you say it ...

Friendliness and an eagerness to serve are essential qualities at INNEO. We cultivate a positive atmosphere of collaboration – with colleagues and clients alike.


Each of our business divisions has consultants and application engineers with many years of experience focused on the core technology of their respective divisions. In addition, INNEO Solutions is capable of providing advice spanning a range of technologies and can recommend which solution should be employed in each specific case.

Advanced development tools are forever being improved and extended. This calls for continuous training and coaching. Our professional approach and sophisticated methods guarantee excellent coaching in small groups, allowing scope to address specific questions and problems. More than 11,000 days of training with upwards of 5,000 participants last year speak for themselves.

You are certain to find a training program to suit you – at a convenient time and location.

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