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INNEO – 5 Dimensions

We present the five dimensions of our service

INNEO, what’s that?

An understandable question if you don't know us. So what do those 5 letters hinting at innovation stand for? Just a name? A made-up word? A trademark? A company?

It's all that and much more besides.

INNEO Solutions is the leading solution provider for CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM, information technology and project management in the UK, Germany and Switzerland. INNEO has won numerous awards for excellence in innovation.

We seek to increase your innovative power and productivity and help you achieve your business goals. Now we present the five dimensions of our service and outline how they can benefit you.

See for yourself: Gimme five!


Competent: …and the awards to prove it.

INNEO has repeatedly impressed its clients with its systematic, well thought-out and ultimately successful innovative solutions. A winner of regional and national awards, we are among the top 100 most innovative firms among small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.


Fast: From 0 to 60.

A readiness to react and fast action are part of INNEO’s professional approach. We’ll find you the quickest route from A to B, … or from A to Z.


Accessible: Always on hand for you.

Whether you’re telling us something, asking us something or just worrying, INNEO employees are always ready to listen – 24/7 if need be. We’re there for you, anytime, any place.



Friendly: It’s the way you say it ...

Friendliness and an eagerness to serve are essential qualities at INNEO. We cultivate a positive atmosphere of collaboration – with colleagues and clients alike.

Good value

Good value: Your balance is our business.

INNEO develops the tools for you to optimise your efficiency. By using our products you can achieve lasting economic success whilst also reducing costs.