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The history of our company

Take a glance at the ups and downs in the history of our company, now known as INNEO Solutions GmbH.

Successful – for the last 30 years

The customer’s success and satisfaction are our supreme objectives. To achieve these objectives we can count on the support and experience of our 270 employees in 12 offices across the UK, Germany and Switzerland. Discerning current trends and future imperatives – and developing new, competent solutions to address them – has been the mainstay of our operations for 30 years and will remain so.

  • 2014
    NetApp SSC certified INNEO staff for maintenance and on-site service
    Development partnership Eplan
    Prios Foundation dealer network in Germany
    CrefoZert certification 2014
  • 2013
    OpenTech as a distributor for  INNEO products in China/Asia
    CrefoZert certification 2013
    Provision of Managed Service for PTC Windchill
  • 2012
    Extension of PLM Elite (USA)
    INNEO IT Service concepts
  • 2011
    Foundation of PLM Elite: New Partner-Network for PDM/PLM-Solutions 
  • 2010
    Completion and dedication of the new building in Ellwangen
    7. TOP 100 award
  • 2009
    25th company anniversary
    6. TOP 100 award
    Prios Foundation Market Launch
  • 2008
    5. TOP 100 award
    Startup TOOLS Reseller-Network worldwide
  • 2007
    INNEO Solutions in Birmingham, United Kingdom
    4. TOP 100 award
  • 2006
    Startup TOOLS Relaunch
    3. TOP 100 award
  • 2005
    Microsoft Gold Partner
    2. TOP 100 award
    TOP Partner PTC
  • 2004
    INNEO Solutions in Switzerland
    1. TOP 100 award
  • 2003
    INNEO Solutions
    New division: Project Management
  • 2001
    CoCreate Direkt-Partner
  • 1999
    Setup of a professional call centre, today: “INNEO INFOCENTER”
  • 1998
    Setup of a professional consulting group
  • 1997
    Concentration of hardware and OS expertise: IT solutions division
  • 1995
    PTC grants exclusive rights of sale for Pro/ENGINEER
  • 1994
    Merging of ISICAD and RAND to ISICAD-RAND GmbH
  • 1993
    Foundation of RAND AG in Switzerland
  • 1991
    Extension of our portfolio with CoCreate products
  • 1989
    Extension of our product portfolio with Pro/ENGINEER
  • 1984
    Foundation of ISICAD